Sonseca 2008

Like in 2007, a Concurso of the Club Nacional del Galgo Espaņol (CNGE) took place on the beautiful Finca "El Retamar" in Sonseca close to Toledo, this year. The gray and rainy weather didn't keep away the visitors and hundreds of hunters came with their families, bringing along approx. 400 Galgos.

250 Galgos met the requirement of the pre-control, where dogs with severe failures were sorted out. They were then presented to the judges, led by Jesus García de Lera. There were, of course, less dogs entered for the puppy and junior classes. In contrast to that, the open classes were more than full, so the presentors had to stand in two rows. The quality of the dogs was extremly high this year, so it was no easy job for the judges.

The 23 most typical Galgos of the open classes are now qualified for participating in the Campeonato de Galgos Espaņoles en Campo, the hunting competition of the club. Nine others were already qualified in other Concursos and the Monográfica. Since not all qualified dogs will participate in the Campeonato due to injuries or robbery, a number of reserve dogs were nominated.

Here are some impressions of the event...

The females of the open class enter the ring...
Artist and professor of arts Nino Gañán (who made the wonderful ink drawings for our galgo book) prepares some drawings.
The judge Jesus García de Lera
Rayma Loscuro
a brother of our Lara
Tullupa and Toledana
Noli de Valle Estrella
Utrillo á la Cour
du Roi Boulou
Best of puppy class
Best of junior class
Best females of open class
Best males of open class
Golosina, a sister of Jucaro Spi, the father of our E- and grandfather of our G-litter.