Sonseca 2009

Date: September 20, 2009
Location: Sonseca (Spain)

The CNGE (Club Nacional del Galgo Español) concluded this season of exhibitions for Galgos without pedigree on September 20 with a Concurso at the Finca El Retamar. This year, there were again 122 dogs participating. A little less than the record last year, but still an impressing number. Just in the open class males, for example, we counted 40 Galgos.

Africa and family
Attila and Reina

The quality of the Galgos was very high again and it was not easy for the judges Jesus Garcia de Lera and Antonio Jesus Cuenca Gonzales to decide which ones are the best. The BIS was finally given to Luna, a brindled female owned by Marcelino Campera Huelaves. The second place among the females went to Jarata, a female from the breed of Bartolomé Ramírez Castro. Best male and BOS was Casillas, also from his kennel. Best puppy got Cuqui and Reina, owned by Nicolás Legido, was best junior. The latter already won four Concursos in junior class before.

Mina and Jara

The 12 best placed Galgos now fulfil the conditions for the hunting competition of the Club. In addition, further Galgos were chosen for reserve, if others are not able to participate due to illness or theft. In November, the hunting competition is going to start.

best puppy: Cuqui
BOS and BOB: Casillas and Luna

Simultaneously with the Concurso, a school for young Galgueros was organised by the CNGE for the fourth time. About 30 children participated. After a theoretical part, where information about breeding and caring Galgos was taught, a practical part followed where hunting was demonstrated by starting hares from a box.