"Europasieger" Exhibition

Date:May 1, 2009
Location: Dortmund (Germany)
JudgeMr. Gerritsen (Netherlands)

In 2003, we presented a dog in Dortmund for the last time, although it is "just around the corner" for us. Therefore, it was time to go there again. Besides our Hilde, who successfully got the title Europa-Jugendsieger, Uschi and Irma accompanied us. We were together with Christine and Robert with their Galgos Little Lobito Horacio (Europa-Jugendsieger) and Cordobez do Promontório da Lua (Europasieger). We spent a pleasant day together, met many nice people and our smooth/wired-hair/clear/dark-brindled pack took everybody by storm. So, it was an excellent promotion for the breed. But Dortmund also comprises some risks, this time in the form of "vermin" - and Uschi, of course, has got a mean tick...

The following photos were sent to us by Simone Blothe. Many thanks!

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