Europasieger Exhibition 2001

Date: May 4, 2001

Location: Dortmund (Germany)

Judge: Mr. Matheeuwsen/NL

15 Galgos Espaņoles were entered this year. Two of them even came from Spain, the origin of the breed. We also expected 3 Little Lobitos. Unfortunately, little Abizanda could not come, because she was injured. We hope she feels better soon!

As always, the light in the hall was horrible for taking pictures. So our photos could be much better...

De Vil Gula-Gula

Del Niņos Vencedores Arpad

Cerunnos Ex Libris, Ukelele's Jai-Alai und Marie Antonet Ibericos Segoviano (v.l.n.r.)


males / junior class

Ex1, Europajugendsieger - Xandros van de Wilgensloot (B: Vredeveldt - O: Federwisch/Schreiner)
Ex2 - Little Lobito Antonio (B: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O: Blessing)
Vg3 - Little Lobito Álvaro (B: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O: Hanst)

males / champion class

Ex1, VDH - Del Niņos Vencedores Arpad (B+O: Hübchen)
absent - Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano (B: Morgan - O: Reuser)

males / working class

Vg1 - Del Niņos Vencedores Álvaro (B+O: Hübchen)

males / open class

Ex1, CAC, CACIB, VDH, BM, Europasieger - De Vil Gula-Gula (B+O: García)
Ex2, RCAC, RCACIB, RVDH - Cerunnos Errol Flynn (B: Ripke/Nau - O: Haas)

females / junior class

Vg1 - Xilia van de Wilgensloot (B+O: Vredeveldt)
absent - Little Lobito Abizanda (B: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O: Schute)

females / champion class

absent - Paramour Arctic Star Going Far (B: Lindström - O: Ripke/van Laar)

females / open class

Ex1, CAC, CACIB, VDH, BF, Europasieger, BOB - Cerunnos Ex libris (B: Ripke/Nau - O: Demacker)
Ex2, RCAC, RCACIB, RVDH - Ukelele's Jai-Alai (B+O: García)
Vg3 - Cerunnos Wigwam (B: Ripke/Nau - O: Vredeveldt)
Vg4 - Marie Antonet Ibericos Segoviano (B: Morgan - O: Weijermans)