Bad Homburg 2001

Date: September 1, 2001

Location: Bad Homburg (Germany)

Judge: Mrs. Quaritsch-Fricke/D

This year, the Sighthound Festival in Bad Homburg took place for the 42nd time. The CAC exhibition was the 2nd "DWZRV-Siegerausstellung" and the 5th exhibition for the "Hessen-Thüringen-Cup" of this year.

Little Lobito Álvaro

Little Lobito Akilios

Little Lobito Antonio

Arte del Viento

Cerunnos Da Capo

Cerunnos V.I.P.


junior class males

Ex1 - Little Lobito Antonio (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Blessing)
Ex2 - Little Lobito Akilios (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Jaenicke)
Vg3 - Little Lobito Álvaro (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Hanst)

junior class females

Ex1, Junior-BOB - Little Lobito Alejandra (B.+ O.: Ebbrecht/Gaede)

open class males

Ex1, CAC, VDH - Arte del Viento (B.: Broger, O.: Becker/Broger)

champion class males

Ex1, VDH, BOB - Cerunnos V.I.P. (B.: Ripke/Nau, O.: van Dieken)
Ex2, RVDH - Cerunnos Da Capo (B.: Ripke/Nau, O.: Becker)

winner of the couple class

Little Lobito Antonio / Alejandra