Sighthound Festival Bad Homburg

Date:August 30, 2008
Location: Bad Homburg
Judge: Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne/D

The Sighthound Festival Bad Homburg took place for the 49th time this year. With wonderful wheather, we and our Galgos enjoyed the exhibition in the "Jubiläumspark". Among 239 registrations in total, there were six Galgos. For the first time: our little Uschi (Rayma Corbella), who bravely (and successfully) presented herself in the junior class. Here are some of our photos...

Uschi, so brave ;-)
standing ...
... and walking
Zarandillo ...
... Guapo Enredador
Garabato ...
... de Calathea
Kashaya Valdivio
Gilda de Calathea
"Little Lobito petting zoo"

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