Hünstetten-Limbach 2002

Location: Hünstetten-Limbach /D
Judge: Mr. Zuber /CH

For the first time, we visited the CAC-exhibition and the lure-coursing in Hünstetten, organized by the "Winndhund-Rennverein Untertaunus-Hünstetten e.V.". And our first thought was: what did we miss all the years before! Almost 370 registrations for the exhibition and more than 190 for the coursing have a reason: in a beautiful landscape, we enjoyed two well organized days. There was always enough shadow to cool down, a great choice of food and beverages and an entertaining evening-program. And we had summer-like temperatures - so, this weekend was like a little vacation...

For the exhibition, only four Galgos were entered, and one of them could unfortunately not participate due to health-problems (but, luckily, is on the mend again). For the coursing on Sunday, there were seven Galgos (plus "Rosinchen") at the start. Because of the high number of registrations (almost 60 Afghans!), the coursing took place on two fields at the same time - both difficult terrains with slope and dry uneven ground, which - together with the high temperatures - challenged the dogs. But at noon, after the first round was finished, the temperatures were so high, that the organizers had to cancel the coursing in order to not risk the health of the dogs. The end-result therefore was calculated by the points of the first run times two minus one.

Three "Lobitos" participated in the coursing and - you may believe it or not - they were ranked on the places one to three! Ahead of all our little Alex, who - together with the BOB from the exhibition - got the title "Schönheit und Leistung" (beauty and performance) for the second time in her life.

And because exhibition-photos get boring after time,
here's a little more "action" ;-)

Little Lobito Akilios
Miel de Valle Estrella

Little Lobito Alejandra

Little Lobito Antonio

Cerunnos V.I.P.



Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena


Exhibition, Saturday August 17

champion class males

Ex1, VDH, BM - Little Lobito Akilios (B: Gaede/Ebbrecht, O: Jänicke)

open class females

Ex1, CAC, VDH, BOB - Little Lobito Alejandra (B+ O: Ebbrecht/Gaede)
Ex2, RCAC, RVDH - Galga (B: - , O: Kleemann)
absent - Victoria (B: - , O: Pauckner)

Coursing, Sunday August 18

Name of the Dog Owner S Total Place S+L
Little Lobito Alejandra (LL) Gaede/Ebbrecht H 95 1 x
Little Lobito Antonio (LL) Blessing R 93 2  
Little Lobito Akilios (LL) Jänicke R 91 3  
Galga Kleemann H 91 3  
Cerunnos V.I.P. van Dieken R 91 5  
Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena Blessing R 85 6  
Miel de Valle Estrella Gaede/Ebbrecht H 79 7