Hünstetten 2003

Date:August 16/17, 2003
Location: Hünstetten (Germany)
Judge: Mrs. Mesto (Spain)

It was dusty in Hünstetten, but after weeks of very dry weather this was no surprise. Therefore, clouds of dust were built when moving on the parking, the racing or the coursing fields (alternatively in white, yellow or red). Anyhow, we really enjoyed the weekend. The nice landscape, the hearty welcome and the good organisation are worth mentioning. And not to forget: the tasty cakes!

With 279 registrations in total, the very low amount of only four entered Galgos - even though the Spanish judge Ana Mesto had been invited - was a bit disappointing. At the coursing on Sunday, eight Galgos were at the start, among them our Lukas and Pol (Little Lobito Català) from Spain, who both ran out of competition and made it outstandingly. In addition, the Little Lobitos Bilbao and Barbarella successfully passed their licence runs.

Besides the "normal" CAC exhibition, the special exhibition of the Italian Greyhounds took place. The marching in of the participants was accompanied by a brass band, a horse-drawn waggon and the "old Fritz":

The Galgos of the exhibition: Galga, Bohemio del Viento, Antonio and Bärbel

Excited waiting for the start: Leonie with Little Lobito Álvaro

Paula and her son Álvaro:

Lukas, Pol, Bilbao and Bärbel in action:

Victoria and Pol:

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