Special Galgo Exhibition 2000

Date: August 19, 2000

Location: Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

Judge: Juan Miguel Gil Ferrara (Spain)

On August 19, the German special exhibition for the breed Galgo Espaņol took place in Gelsenkirchen. There were 48 Galgos entered (41 of them were presented), one Galgo entered in the honour class plus 6 Galgos non-competitive - this beats all records in Germany. Galgo friends came from Holland, Belgium, Switzerland as well as from Poland and Norway.

A special highlight was the invitation of a Spanish judge by the organizer (Windhundrennverein Westfalen-Ruhr e.V.): Seņor Miguel Gil Ferrara, who is very successfully breeding under the internationally well-known kennel "Rayma". This year's world champion Rayma Ukelele e.g., a very elegant short haired female, is coming from this kennel. It was a great challenge for a number of Galgo O.s to present their dogs to this judge.

On the evening before the exhibition, Christian Nau gave an interesting presentation about general basics of genetics and about the genetics of populations and colors.

The exhibition on Saturday was presenting some specials for all friends of the breed: at the beginning, a black Andalusian stallion (www.stimmer.de) walked in front of the dogs, Galgos and their O.s (some in Spanish dresses) followed. The showpiece was a big Osborne bull (made of cardboard), the ring was decorated in red and yellow. The guest from Spain was enthusiastic about the nice decoration.

Unfortunately, the weather was not as "Spanish" as hoped-for. In between, heavy rainfall reminded us, that we are not on the Iberian peninsula but in Germany.

The organization of the exhibition and all related parts was taken over by Gaby Hübchen, Helga Blessing and the special organizer Wilhelm van Dieken. We could closely watch how much work is involved with the organization of such an exhibition and how few people are willing to assist. It's a little bit disappointing that single persons still grumbled about the organization...

Marching in of the Galgos:
Mrs. Stimmer on her Andalusian stallion Nevado.

The tent of the judge, decorated in the Spanish colors red and yellow. Standing in the middle: Miguel Gil Ferrara and his wife.



Open class males (from left to right):
Paramour Atta Boy what a Joy (Ex1, CAC, BOB, BIS), Cerunnos Da Capo (Ex2, RCAC), Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena (Ex3) and Cerunnos Cuerdo Compaņero (Ex4).

Ex1, CAC in the open class females: Cerunnos Bestseller.

Ex2, RCAC in the open class females and special prize for the most beautiful head of a Galgo: Miel de Valle Estrella.

Best female: Cerunnos Watch Me (left) and best male, BOB and BIS: Paramour Atta Boy what a Joy.

Co-organizer Gabriele Hübchen with her Galgos.


veteran class males (2)

Vg1 - Aron (B.: unknown - O.: Hübchen)
Vg2 - Don Bolero Ibericos Segoviano (B.: Morgen - O.: Vredeveldt)

junior class males (4)

Ex1, Junior-BOB - Cerunnos Errol Flynn (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Haas)
Ex2 - Arte del Viento (B.: Broger - O.: Becker/Broger)
Ex3 - Cerunnos E-Mail (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Sejersen/Flaten)
Ex4 - Cerunnos Effendi (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Wirtz)

open class males (6)

Ex1, CAC, VDH, BOB, BIS - Paramour Atta Boy what a Joy (B.: Lindstrom - O.: Janecka/van Laar)
Ex2, RCAC, RVDH - Cerunnos Da Capo (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Becker)
Ex3 - Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena (B.: Rapeport - O.: Blessing)
Ex4 - Cerunnos Cuerdo Compaņero (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: van Schaik-Soetens)

working class males (1)

Vg - Del Niņos Vencedores Amerigo (B.: Hübchen - O.: Hübchen)

champion class males (4)

Ex1, VDH - Foc (B.: unknown - O.: Scheidel)
Ex2, RVDH - Del Niņos Vencedores Arpad (B.: Hübchen - O.: Hübchen)
Ex3 - Guapo de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramírez Castro - O.: Scheidel)
Ex4 - Ernesto (B.: unknown - O.: Böhmert)

veteran class females (2)

Ex1 - Daisy (B.: unknown - O.: Siegmund/Ripke/Nau)
Ex2 - Aphra (B.: unknown - O.: Hübchen)

puppy class females (2)

vp - Ximenia van de Wilgensloot (B.: Vredeveldt - O.: Vredeveldt)
vp - Xylia van de Wilgensloot (B.: Vredeveldt - O.: Vredeveldt)

junior class females (4)

Ex1 - Cerunnos Deeja Vu (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Pavoordt)
Ex2 - Cerunnos Ex Libris (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Demacker)
Ex3 - Cerunnos Edda (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Friedrich)
Ex4 - Cerunnos Extasy (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Janecka)

open class females (11)

Ex1, CAC, VDH - Cerunnos Bestseller (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: van Schaik-Soetens)
Ex2, RCAC, RVDH - Miel de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramírez Castro - O.: Gaede)
Ex3 - Cerunnos Wigwam (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Vredeveldt)
Ex4 - Cerunnos Caramel (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Schmidt)

working class females (1)

Ex1, VDH - Huelva de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramírez Castro - O.: Hübchen)

champion class females (4)

Ex1, VDH, BOS - Cerunnos Watch me (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Janecka)
Ex2, RVDH - Cerunnos Voodoo (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Demacker)
Ex3 - Wonderstuk van de Wilgensloot (B.: Vredeveldt - O.: Haas)
Ex4 - Del Niņos Vencedores Alegria (B.: Hübchen - O.: Hübchen)

special competition "most beautiful head"

Miel de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramírez Castro - O.: Gaede)