Special Galgo Exhibition 2002

Date:April 27, 2002
Location: Freiburg/D
Judge: Mr. Jakkel/HU

Despite of all problems in the beginning, again, a Special Galgo Exhibition could be organized. And this with a remarkable number of 46 registered Galgos, who all were present. Due to the geographical location of the racing club "WRV Breisgau", also a lot of exhibitors from the surrounding countries participated. This clearly shows, that the Galgo Español can no longer be called a "rare breed".

On the same day, the special exhibition of the breed Magyar Agar took place. For this reason, Mr. Jakkel from Hungary, who originally was invited only for the Magyar Agars, had to judge the Agars in the morning and the Galgos in the afternoon.

The weather was better than expected: while it was heavily raining at home in Bochum, we in the South stayed almost dry, although it was cold and windy. But the most important thing was - like always - the possibility to meet a lot of friends. Unfortunately, this happens not very often...

And because Thomas again had to stay at home and look after our pregnant Paula, this time Ana Candis, Fifi and their owner Bettina accompanied Claudia.

Six women in a camping car ;-)

The winners of the junior class with their
"Little Lobito challenge trophies" for the junior BOB and BOS:
Romanow's Valencia (l.) and Yevgheni van de Wilgensloot

Jahressiegerin (winner of the year): Romanow's Valencia
(she also won the
"Zarandillo challenge trophy"
for the best dog owned by the breeder)
Jahressieger (winner of the year): Arte del Viento
The next generation
in the puppy class: Belleza del Niños Vencedores
Ex1, RCAC in the open class: Toni de Valle Estrella
Ex1, CAC in the open class: Doma Vaquera Osadia
Ex2, RCAC in the open class: Doma Vaquera Oña

Breeders group:

1. place: Doma Vaquera
2. place: Little Lobito


baby class

Little Lobito Bilbao (B.: Gaede/Ebbrecht, O.: Hanst)
Little Lobito Barbarella (B.+ O.: Gaede/Ebbrecht)

puppy class males

vp1 - Barbian Barbaro del Niños Vencedores (B.: Hübchen, O.: Reuser)
vp2 - Brio Bandolero del Niños Vencedores (B.: Hübchen, O.: Reuser)

junior class males

Ex1 - Yevgheni van de Wilgenslot (B.: Vredeveldt, O.: Wyss)

open class males

Ex1, RCAC, VDH - Toni de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramirez - O.: Bischof-Maier)
Ex2, RVDH - Little Lobito Akilios (B.: Gaede/Ebbrecht, O.: Jänicke)
Ex3 - Little Lobito Álvaro (B.: Gaede/Ebbrecht, O.: Hanst)
Ex4 - Doma Vaquera Ola Hombre (Z + O.: Schweitzer)
Ex - Aliño del Viento (B.: Broger, O.: Klauser)

working class males

Ex1, CAC, VDH - Cerunnos Da Capo (B.: Ripke/Nau, O.: Becker)
Ex2, RVDH - Alvaro del Niños Vencedores (B.+ O.: Hübchen)
Ex3 - Celta del Llarrizo (B.: Zorilla, O.: Müller)
Vg4 - Don Manual Ibericos Segoviano (B.: Morgan, O.: Reuser)

champion class males

Ex1, VDH, BOB, Jahressieger - Arte del Viento (B.: Broger, O.: Becker/Broger)
Ex2, RVDH - Cerunnos Errol Flynn (B.: Ripke, O.: Haas)
Ex3 - Doma Vaquera Lobo Grande (B.: Schweitzer, O.: Elbaz)
Ex4 - Arpad del Niños Vencedores (B.+ O.: Hübchen)

puppy class females

vp1 - Belleza del Niños Vencedores (Z.+ B.: Hübchen)
vp2 - Bruja del Niños Vencedores (Z.+ B.: Hübchen)

junior class females

Ex1, Jahressieger - Romanow's Valencia (B.+ O.: Müller)
Ex2 - Royal Tramps's la Estesudeste (B.: Wahlström, O.: Schumann)
Ex3 - Romanow's Vasquita (B.+ O.: Müller)
Ex4 - Romanow's Viva-Vida (B.: Müller, O.: Hänggi)
Ex - Ukelele's Lolita (B.: Garcia, O.: Elbaz)
Ex - Yourinda van de Wilgensloot (B.+ O.: Vredeveldt)
Ex - Doma Vaquera Serafina (B.: Schweitzer , O.: Suplie)
Vg - Romanow's Vida feliz (B.: Müller, O.:Walde)
Vg - Doma Vaquera Senna (B.+ O.: Schweitzer)

open class females

Ex1, CAC, VDH - Doma Vaquera Osadia (B.: Schweitzer, O.: Müller)
Ex2, RCAC, RVDH - Doma Vaquera Oña (B.: Schweitzer, O.: Leone-Devaux)
Ex3 - Ximenia van de Wilgensloot (B.: Vredeveldt, O.: Hänggi)
Ex4 - Cerunnos Ex Libris (B.: Nau/Ripke, O.: Demacker)
Ex - Aprisa del Viento (B.: Broger, O.: Keller)
Ex - Little Lobito Alejandra (B.+ O.: Ebbrecht/Gaede)
Ex - Cerunnos Come and get me (B.: Ripke, B. Vredeveldt)
Ex - Little Lobito Azuela (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Leone-Devaux)
Vg - Little Lobito Ana Candis (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Querfurth)
Vg - Nuestra Sola Enana (B.: - , O.: Laminger)
Vg - Xeugenie van de Wilgensloot (B.+ O.: Vredeveldt)
Vg - Galga (B.: - , O.: Kleemann)

working class females

Ex1, VDH - Huelva de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramirez, O.: Hübchen)
Ex2, RVDH - Marie Antoinet Ibericos Segoviano (B.: Morgan, O.: Weijermans)

champion class females

Ex1, VDH - Doma Vaquera Onice (B.: Schweitzer, O.: Müller/Hänggi)
Ex2, RVDH - Melissa (B.: Rouzaud, O.: Broger)
Ex3 - Cerunnos Voodoo (B.: Ripke/Nau, O.: Demacker)

special competition "most beautiful head" males

Arte del Viento (B.: Broger, O.: Becker/Broger)

special competition "most beautiful head" females

Melissa (B.: Rouzaud, O.: Broger)