Special Galgo Exhibition 2004

Date:June 19, 2004
Location: Ostercappeln
Judge: Mrs. Schultze (Germany)

This year, the special exhibition of the breed Galgo Español was organised by the Osnabrücker Windhundrennverein (sighthound racing club of Osnabrück). At the same time, the Mediterranean breeds as well as the breed Chart Polski had their special shows. Mrs. Ilse Schultze was invited to judge the Galgos and 40 of them were registered for Ostercappeln - among them ten candidates, which were just a few days too young to be entered officially for the puppy class. Therefore, they were presented in a so-called "baby class".

Days before, we anxiously watched the weather forecast. Although it never sounded promising, the weather was reasonably good that day to the pleasure of all participants. Only very few little rain showers interrupted long sunny spells. And while around us rain clouds were mounting up, most of the time we could see the blue sky above us.

It's almost tradition to celebrate the start of the special exhibitions with something extraordinary. This year, all participants could enjoy a presentation of Spanish dance and Spanish horsemanship.

Mrs. Schultze exclusively judged the Galgos on this day, so she could take enough time for each dog. In addition, she explained important details of the standard to participants and spectators. The title "Jahressieger" finally was given to Belleza del Niños Vencedores among the females and Little Lobito Akilios among the males. The later also got the BOB.

All in all we spent a day on a fondly and well organised special Galgo exhibition, which in the evening closed with a Mediterranean buffet among friends (a big commendation to the cooks!). At this place, we'd like to say a special "thank you" to the member of the breeding committee, Mrs. Ursula Jaenicke, who had a large part in the success of this exhibition.

Corona del Niños Vencedores
"baby class"
Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano
honour class
Jucaro Spi Apolo
Little Lobito Caspar
Alvaro del Niños Vencedores
Little Lobito Akilios
Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena
Ex1, veteran class
Little Lobito Ana Candis
Belleza del Niños Vencedores
Ex1, VDH, CAC, LS, JS, best female
Little Lobito Barbarella
Ex1, VDH

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Photos 7, 11: Susanna Sáez