Special Galgo Exhibition 2005

Date:August 27, 2005
Location: Gelsenkirchen
Judge:Angela Hauncher Ayucar/E

This year, the special exhibitions of the Galgos Españoles and the Mediterranean breeds were organised by the "Windhundrennverein (sighthound racing club) Westfalen-Ruhr" in Gelsenkirchen. 46 Galgos were presented to the Spanish judge Angela Hauncher Ayucar. Some of the participants even came from Norway and Sweden, others from Switzerland, Belgium or the Netherlands.

So, the show was an international meeting of Galgo-friends. In the forefront of the exhibition, a lot of donations had arrived. For that reason, nobody had to leave the ring without a little present. And for the perfect organisation, we again have to say "thank you" to our member of the breeding committee, Mrs. Ursula Jaenicke, for her unresting dedication!

As usual, here is a little selection of our photos...

Little Lobito
El Draco
Little Lobito Ebro
Ukelele's Litri
Little Lobito
Don Miguel
Garabato de Calathea
Alvaro del Niños Vencedores
Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena
Garrocha de Calathea
Ukekele's Kalima
Rayma Itaca
Little Lobito Azuela
Claudia with Paula
Rosa with Juni
Nick with Zalamera

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