Special Galgo Exhibition 2006

Date:September 2, 2006
Location: Bad Homburg
Judge: Mr. van den Broek/NL

This year, the German Special Galgo Exhibition took place - together with that of the Mediterranean breeds - in a park of Bad Homburg. Despite the low entry number of only 19 Galgos, the exhibition was a success for the breed, and all participants enjoyed the comfortable late summer weather in the nice ambience of Bad Homburg. On the evening of the same day, there was also a Galgo meeting, where different topics had been decided and a presentation about the Monográficas in Spain was given by us.

As usual, we say "thank you" to our member of the breeding committee, Mrs. Ursula Jaenicke, for the good organisation and her unresting dedication!

In the junior class, the titles "Jahresjugendsieger" were given to Rayma Loleilo and Little Lobito Francisca, the male got the Junior-BOB. Romanow's Xanadu and Garrocha de Calathea got the titles "Jahressieger". The later also got the BOB.

The winners of the titles:

Little Lobito Francisca
Rayma Loleilo
Romanow's Xanadu
Garrocha de Calathea (BOB)

Impressions around the exhibition:

Entry of the participants, headed by the members of the breeding committee
Lara and Bärbel, waiting for the start of the show
Xanthos (l.)
and El Draco,
saying "hello"
All participants got a tombola prize
Little Lobito Fuego
Paramour Celebrate the Great
Little Lobito Clara

At the racing on the next day, there were only 6 solo runs (a complete field of six would have been more exciting). The fastest one was King Jerry Lee, followed by Eve, Queen Whoopy, Romanow's Xanadu, Romanow's Xamara and Lady. The prize for beauty and performance, donated by the kennel "del Niños Vencedores", was given to Xanadu.

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