Special Galgo Exhibition 2008

Date:May 10, 2008
Location: Tüttleben
Judge: Mr. Fritz/D

This year, the special exhibition of the Galgos Españoles together with those of the Mediterranean breeds took place in Tüttleben close to Gotha. The judge was Mr. Björn Fritz from Germany. With 57 entered Galgos, a new record was set up for Germany!

Thanks to numerous donations which have arrived before, again nobody had to leave the ring without a little prize from the tombola. And for the perfect organisation, we again have to say "thank you" to the member of the breeding committee, Mrs. Ursula Jaenicke, for her unresting dedication! A big "thanks" is also due to the organisers of the 'Thüringer Windhundclub', who created an atmosphere in which everybody could feel comfortable, despite the very high number of entries for the exhibition and the coursing as well. In particular, we would like to highlight the nice decoration of the canteen and the exhibition ring!

The nice weather which spent us a weekend full of sunshine did the rest to leave a very positive overall impression of this year's Special Galgo Exhibition! Here are now our photos...

Entry of the participants
The judges: Mr. Fritz, Mrs.Schröter, Mr. Baumann and Mr. Kiack (from left to right)
puppy class males: Don Juan
of Little Milwaukee
junior class males: the brothers Bandolero and Cordobez do Promontório da Lua
intermediate class males:
Kashaya Valdivio
tent of the judge
The Little Lobitos Gerónimo and Estrella
intermediate class males:
Little Lobito Guepardo
intermediate class males: Little Lobito Gonzales and Romanow's Belami
open class males:
Amigo-Ruiz el Gran Matador
champion class males:
Little Lobito El Draco
open class females:
Little Lobito Estrella ...
... and
Little Lobito Francisca
champion class females:
Chispa Priesa
del Ninos Vencedores
... and
Little Lobito Ana Candis
(with Rosa)
BOB and BOS: Romanow's Xanadu and Rayma LaClaudia
Robert with Cordobez do Promontório da Lua
visitor: Little Lobito Aragón
Claudia with Lara and Uschi
at the ring
couple class:
Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano and Chispa Priesa del Ninos Vencedores
veteran BIS:
Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano

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