Special Galgo Exhibition 2009

Date:June 13, 2009
Location: Ostercappeln (Germany)
Judge: Ms. van Zanten (Netherlands)

This year's Special Galgo Exhibition took place again in Ostercappeln (before, it was in the year 2004). 38 Galgos plus six babies were entered in total. Those with the farthest journey have surely been our friends Marit and Svenne from the kennel "Rabilargo's", who drove the long way from Norway to Germany. Like every year, this exhibition is an important event to learn about the status of the breed, to meet each other and to talk together. Due to the distances, many participants often only meet once a year. So, all who are interested in the breed Galgo Español have been present.

The organisation of the exhibition was in the well-proven hands of Jessica Bergerweiß (special organiser) and Ursula Jänicke (member of the breeding committee). Everything went well and we say 'THANK YOU' to both of them!

Our little Irma and her sisters Inés and Ingrid made their debut in the "baby class" and Hilde showed herself nicely in the junior class. Because Lara got the title "Jahressieger" in the last year, we did not enter her this time. Our personal highlight was, of course, the superior presentation of our little princess Alex in the veteran class. The judge immediately saw that she definitely is the sweetest Galgo of the world! But also our red brindled breeders group with eight Galgos from four different litters were a lot of fun for us.

For the first time, all owners of Galgos without pedigree had the opportunity to show their dogs in the ring after the official part and to let them be judged. Twelve made use of it and most of their Galgos presented themselves very professional.

What else to say? We enjoyed the long weekend, were happy to meet old and new friends and to see many of our "offsprings" again. We are looking forward to Hünstetten in 2010 and just wish for little warmer evenings, so that we do not have to freeze so much during our joint BBQ.

Opening with Spanish horses

"Baby class":

Cocolores High Fidelity
Asira San Agustin del Guadalix
Little Lobito Ingrid
Cocolores Harati
Little Lobito Inés
Little Lobito Irma

Junior class males:

Rabilargo's Banderas
Design of Mine
Don Carlos del Niños Vencedores

Intermediate class males:

Bandolero do Promontório da Lua

Open class males:

Zarandillo Guapo Enredador
Kashaya Vivaldo
Rabilargo's Alejandro

Champion class males:

Abba Amona Cu Roi
Randeros Humberto
Little Lobito Ebro

Veteran class males:

Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano

Junior class females:

Grey Mountain Amaranta
Little Lobito Hilda
Little Lobito Hormiga
Doña Belana del Niños Vencedores
Little Lobito Hada
Daria del Niños Vencedores
Grey Mountain Azucena

Intermediate class females:

Dona Juanita of Little Milwaukee

Open class females:

Warlock's Lucida Rabilargo
Zarandillo Guapa Eleadora
Buenos Dias Bonita Beneficium
Cherry Carola van de Wilgensloot
Rabilargo's Adoracion

Working class females:

Corona del Niños Vencedores
Romanow's Xamara

Champion class females:

Chispa Priesa del Niños Vencedores
Romanow's Bonanova
Little Lobito Dama de Juny
Garrocha de Calathea
Randeros Haydee Alba
Romanow's Balena
Cocolores Anywhere

Veteran class females:

Little Lobito Alejandra

BOB and BOS:

Grey Mountain Amaranta

Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano

Beside the ring:

Little Lobito "petting zoo"
Hormiga with her
big friends
Ear massage
for Inge
Resting together

The four first-placed Galgos without pedigree:


Racing on the next day:

Cazador del Niños Vencedores

Abba Amona Cu Roi

Bandolero do Promontório da Lua

(from left to right)
Dona Raphaela of Little Milwaukee

Chispa Priesa del Niños Vencedores

Dona Fabiola of Little Milwaukee

Romanow's Conshita

(from left to right)

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