German Galgo Exbibition 1999

Date: May 22, 1999

Location: Hoisdorf (Germany)

Judge: Mr. Langer (Germany)

This year, the special German Galgo Exhibition took place on May 22 in Hoisdorf. There were 33 Galgos entered, 28 of them were present. The judge was Mr. Langer from Germany.

We were invited by the sighthound racing club of Hoisdorf, who had nicely decorated the exhibition area in the national colors of Spain: Red and Yellow.

The show ring for the Galgos was surrounded by many red and yellow tulips.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't that good in the morning. The show started with cool temperatures and rain. But at noon, the sun began to shine again and warmed up everyone.

And in the evening, we could see a lovely rainbow.


junior class males (3)

VG1 - Paramour Atta Boy what a Joy
VG2 - Cerunnos Cuerdo Compaņen
VG3 - Cerunnos Canabis 

open class males (7)

Ex1, CAC - M.Ch. Cerunnos Voyeur
Ex2, RCAC - Doma Vaquera India Ink
Ex3 - Wildvang van de Wilgensloot
VG4 - Real Ganaderia del Sierra Morena 

champion class males (2)

Ex1 - M.Ch. General del Llarrizo
Ex2 - Ch. Cerunnos V.I.P. 

junior class females (3)

Ex1, Junior-BOB - Paramour Arctic Star Going Far
VG2 - Cerunnos Come and Get Me
VG3 - Cerunnos Caramel 

open class females (7)

Ex1, CAC - Cerunnos Wigwam
Ex2, RCAC - Wonderstuk van de Wilgensloot
Ex3 - Cerunnos Bloody Mary
Ex4 - Cerunnos Bestseller 

champion class females (4)

Ex1, BOB, BIS - M.Ch. Cerunnos Voodoo
Ex2 - Ch. Cerunnos Who Else
Ex3 - M.Ch. Huelva de Valle Estrella
Ex4 - Ch. Cerunnos Watch Me 

veteran class females (1)

Ex1, BIS - Daisy