Galgo-JAS 2019

Gelsenkirchen, June 8, 2019

After a long time, the special Galgo exhi­bi­tion took place in Gelsen­kir­chen, close to our home. And there­fore, it was a good oppor­tuni­ty to go there in order to meet our friends from the Galgo world again, although we neither wanted to exhibit nor to look for stud dogs.

If we had to find a title for the exhi­bi­tion, we could say: "it was very windy and there used to be more spec­tacle".

The wind was un­usual­ly vio­lent and some­times so strong that tents were knocked down. Many Galgos did not show themselves in the usual form because of the gusts of wind, they pulled up their backs and did not show a fluid, light-footed gait. For us as spec­ta­tors it was quite cold at the ring. Exactly the opposite to the annual exhi­bi­tion 2018 in Donau­eschin­gen, but unfor­tuna­tely with the same result: Claudia started to take photos very ambitious, but just like last year because of the heat, this time because of the cold, she could not get out of her chair and her two blan­kets and so there are hardly any photos of the female classes.

And what does it mean with the "spec­tacle"? As pure spec­ta­tors we noticed how boring the judging was. There was no applause (our ani­ma­tion attempts unfor­tuna­tely didn't help at all), the winners of the indi­vidual classes were not presented, one had even trouble recog­ni­zing who had just won, and it was hardly possible to take pic­tures of the class winners. For the future we wished for more applause and ani­ma­tion cla­pping during the final selections and more cele­bra­tion of the winners by the judges.

In addition, it was a pity that only such a small number of Galgos were regis­tered for this show. Espe­cial­ly in Gelsen­kirchen, record numbers of Galgos with FCI papers were achieved at previous annual exhi­bi­tions, even when there were much fewer Galgos with FCI papers, due to the favou­rable geo­graphi­cal location. But perhaps the commit­ment of the Galgo owners in this respect also is decreasing, because one no longer has to wait for the annual event of the Galgo JAS, in order to talk to other Galgo lovers or to see new Galgos, because one meets daily in the social networks.

The club in Gelsen­kir­chen orga­nized the exhi­bi­tion routine­ly as usual. And again this year there were nice prizes for all par­tici­pants, donated by gene­rous spon­sors and collec­ted by dili­gent helpers.