Anniversary Club Show Switzerland 2006

Date:May 27, 2006
Location: Rheinfelden/CH
Judge: Jesus García de Lera/E

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Swiss Greyhound, Magyar Agár and Galgo Español Club celebrated this year's club show in the special ambience of the Feldschlösschen Brewery in Rheinfelden/CH. The club spared no expenses and invited the Spanish special judge for Galgos, Mr. Jesus García de Lera. 17 Galgos were entered, a high number for Switzerland, and they all were of high quality!

The weather was quite good, despite of a few rain showers. And - at least when the sun showed up - it was relatively warm (enough for a little sun burn).

Brewery Feldschlösschen

Since there was time enough, the judge could give his attention to each dog without a hurry and could explain his judgement to the owner as well as to the aspirant judge, Mrs. Haferl/CH. It started with the four and a half months old Abba Amona Cu Roi, shown in the "baby class". Among the males, Romanow's Xanadu stood up to his competitors from the champion- and working class. Among the females, the CAC's were given to Romanow's Vasquita (open class), Romanow's Xamara (working class), Little Lobito Barbarella (champion class) and Melissa d'Ibos (veteran class). The later got placed first before our Bärbel as well as Vasquita (3) and Xamara (4) in the competition for the title "best female". She also got the BOB, and finally she finished the very successful day by winning the veteran-BIS in the ring of honour. Again, we give our congratulations to her owner, Sandra Widmer!

Abba Amona Cu Roi
Rayma LaClaudia

The winners of the CAC's:

Cerunnos Da Capo
Romanow's Xanadu
Romanow's Vasquita
Romanow's Xamara
Little Lobito Barbarella
Melissa d'Ibos
The two winners with the judge

Results >>>

For the afternoon, the club had prepared another special surprise: a performance of the Circus Maus, known from the movies and TV. One of the active stars is a white Greyhound. Here are some impressions of the animal show:

The white Grey ...
... and some ...
... of his ...
... "partners"
They show balance ...
... and a lot of ...
... action!