Moated Castle Klaffenbach 2008

Date:August 16/17, 2008
Location: Klaffenbach
Dr. Arnold (16.08.)
Mrs. Kuratko/A (17.08.)

We went to Klaffenbach, to participate in the "Landessieger" exhibition (Saturday) and the "2nd DWZRV-Sieger" exhibition (Sunday). Again, our Lara (Rayma LaClaudia) got 2 x BOB which made us very happy. Anyhow, despite the wonderful location close to the castle, only few Galgos were entered, and some of them even did not show up. Hopefully, there will be more Galgos entered next year after seeing our photos - which might create some curiosity.

The Moated Castle Klaffenbach is located at the south of Chemnitz at the river "Würschnitz". It was built in the 16th century. After deterioration by different utilization during the centuries, the castle was restored and reconstructed between 1992 and 1995, funded by the European community. Today, it is used as a cultural meeting place with alternate exhibitions, offers of the surrounding arts and crafts and the museum, open-air events in the castle courtyard and different gastronomic localities.

Here are some photos around the exhibition place...

Moated Castle ...
... Klaffenbach
Claudia with Galgos
in the castle courtyard
No castle without Frog King ;-)
The exhibition in front of the castle
Paula is watching the show
The garden
Look into the rose garden
In the rose garden

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