Monográfica 2000

Date: June 4, 2000

Location: Quintana de la Serena (Spain)

The third time in a row, we visited the Monográfica del Galgo Español in Spain. This year, the event took place in Quintana de la Serena, a little village in the Extremadura, apart from the typical tourist routes. The village is also called “Ciudad del Granito”, because one of its major sources of income is the mining and the processing of granite. They say, that there are living 5000 inhabitants and 3000 Galgos.

The exhibition took place in a large, airy tent, installed in a little park. It normally serves to celebrate the village festivities. There, we were protected from the hot sun and the temperatures were very pleasant (but, all the photos became yellowish due to the colored tent roof).

Because of the large number of entered Galgos, the judgement took place in two rings at the same time (we do not know, how many Galgos were entered, because they were registered until five minutes before the beginning of the exhibition). Judges were D. Carlos Salas Mecero (males) and D. Francisco Salamanca Llorente (females).

In addition to the Monográfica, there also the so called "Concurso" took place, where dogs without official papers can be shown. Judges were: Jesús García de Lera, Bartolomé Ramírez Castro und Carmen Gil Polo.

Here, we put together some of our photos:

At the beginning of the exhibition, judge D. Carlos Salas Mecero explained the standard of the Galgo Español in detail.

A TV team was filming during the exhibition.

Concurso: junior class males.

Concurso: open class females.

Concurso: winner junior class (male and female).

Concurso: winner open class (female and male). By the way, the female is a sister of Rayma Ukelele (!)

Monográfica: winner and second best junior class, males and females.

Monográfica: first three females in the open class (the second best female is living in Quintana).

Monográfica: winner and second best male in the open class (Rayma Decim (l.) and Eco).

Monográfica: left, Rayma Decim (BIS); right, La Crem del Legionario (best female).

The kennel "Valle Estrella" won the breeders' group.

Results (Monográfica)

CAC males + BIS

RAYMA DECIM - Breeder: J. Miguel y Cristóbal Ramos

CAC females

LA CREM DEL LEGIONARIO - Breeder: Juan C. Espino Rosario y José Santiago

RCAC males

ECO - Breeder: Juan Martínez Acosta

RCAC females

MARI - Breeder: Benito Murillo Palomo

best couple

DE VALLE ESTRELLA - Breeder: Bartolomé Ramírez Castro

best breeders' group

DE VALLE ESTRELLA - Breeder: Bartolomé Ramírez Castro

junior best

EL LEGIONARIO LEGIONARIA I - Breeder: Antonio Saraiba del Pino

Results (Concurso)

puppy class males

UKELELE INPECTORE - Owner: Catalina Navarro (Badajoz)

puppy class females (best puppy)

UKELELE JARAMA - Owner: Catalina Navarro (Badajoz)

junior class males (junior best)

EXTREMEÑO - Owner: Antonio Saraiba (Talavera Reina)

junior class females

PILI - Owner: Agustín Barquero (Quintana de la Serena)

open class males

JUNQUITO - Owner: Francisco Gil (Conil de la Frontera)

open class females (BOB)

RAYMA ULRICA - Owner: Jose Acacio Rufo (Navalmoral)