Monográfica 2003

Date:July 5, 2003
Location: Palencia (Spain)
Judge:D. Iñigo García Monedero

This year's Monográfica directly led us into the region Castilla y León to Palencia, a historic town with its beautiful late gothic cathedral and the nice bridges across the Rio Carrión. In the middle age, Palencia was the capital of the province and also place of the oldest university of Spain (founded 1208). Today, the city first of all has got a number of places for sports, like e.g. the swimming pool were we spent the evening after the exhibition.

The exhibition took place in a relatively large park, called Parque Huertas del Obispo, which is located directly at the Rio Carrión. We were allowed to park our camping car close to the ring and many trees gave enough shade to make the day very pleasant. All in all, the exhibition was well organised, everything went well thanks to the preparation by the organiser, D. Carlos Illera López. The relatively low number of registered Galgos was a little disappointing. In the following Concurso, the exhibition for those Galgos without papers, significantly more dogs were present. Therefore, we again met all the "old fellows", who we already know from other exhibitions in Spain. We, of course, are always very happy to meet them, because we do not have too many possibilities to see them.

There were no big surprises at the show: best male became Ritmo de Valle Estrella out of the champion class, who also won against Tuno de Valle Estrella, who was started in the open class. As usual, the open class females had the highest number of registrations with six in total. With an Ex4, our little Bärbel was quiet successful. The Ex1 went to Rayma Fusta, who was also able to win against the champion class female Paloma de Valle Estrella and finally got the BOB.

The judge, Iñigo García Monedero (l.), with the president of the Spanish Galgo club, Bartlolomé Ramírez
Rayma Illa (l.) and Rayma Illot
Tuno de Valle Estrella
Sali de Valle Estrella
D. J. A. Rufo enthusiastically explains to the audience how a good Galgo has to look like
Rayma Fusta with the Señores Ramírez, García, Espino and Illera
Breeders group
De Valle Estrella
That's how we like to "work" ;-)

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