Monográfica 2005

Date:June 18, 2005
Location: Medina del Campo (Spain)
Judge: Josefina Gómez Toldrá

Between June 17 and 19, the first Feria Internacional del Galgo took place in Medina del Campo, a town, located in the province of Castilla la Mancha. It was organised by the FEG in cooperation with the Club Nacional del Galgo Español and was supported by the Sociadad de Cazadores "El Águila Real". There was a rich programme for galgo-lovers with a lot of stands, competitions for children in painting and photography, presentations and discussions about the different topics around the galgo, "Carreras en campo con liebre mecánica" and last not least the Monográfica and the Concurso. In the course of the Feria, Susanna Sáez and Claudia Gaede were invited to give a presentation about Galgos outside of Spain. It was a successful event, which attracted approximately 200 Galgos and more than 5000 spectators. There were so many events offered at the same time, that we only could participate in a part of them.

The Plaza Mayor
of Medina del Campo

The Monográfica was judged by Mrs. Josefina Gómez Toldrá and despite the enormous heat on the Plaza Mayor, she took her time for judging the 17 present Galgos. She gave the BOB to Tata de Valle Estrella. Tata still is a young female, who in the nearer past already won the BOB out of the intermediate class for several times.

Tata de Valle Estrella
Ukelele's Latin Lover
Rayma Illa
Stilo de Valle Estrella
Garbosa de Valle Estrella
Gaviota de Calathea
Randeros Goloso
Saeta de Valle Estrella
Sali de Valle Estrella
Jucaro Spi Apolo
Galgos from "de Valle Estrella"

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