Monográfica 2006

Date:June 24, 2006
Location: Rosalejo (Spain)
Judge: Miguel Gil Ferrara/E

This year, the 26th Monográfica del Galgo Español took place in Rosalejo, a small village in the Extremadura. 28 Galgos were entered for the Monográfica, but only 19 showed up finally. The judge was Miguel Gil Ferrara, special judge for Galgos. He is most probably known to many people because of the German Special Galgo Exhibition 2000 and in addition as a breeder in the kennel "Rayma".

The exhibition ring
on the Plaza Mayor
of Rosalejo

The judgement started right after the Concurso around noon when the sun had already developed all its force. As there was only little shade in the ring, it was a hard time for both, dog and handler. In the open class males, none of the dogs could satisfy all the expectations of the judge, so he gave no CAC in this class (we do not know, whether there was an order at all - if we can find out, we will complete the results soon). Best male was Jucaro Spi, the father of our E-litter, entered in the champion class. Best female was Cantinera de Calathea (open class) who presented herself excellently, despite the heat. She also got the BIS.

These spectators always had the overall view

It's a pity that there were only so few Galgos presented in the course of the Monográfica. In contrast, for the Concurso which took place the same day, many Galgos were presented, as expected (the Extremadura belongs to the strongholds of Galgos in Spain), some of them also top-class. Therefore, we are going to report about this part of the exhibition separately.

Excited waiting at the edge of the ring

In addition, we met a lot of old and new friends with whom we could talk a lot and exchange news - for example during the following lunch of the club (with Flamenco music). For this reason, it's always worth the trouble of such a long journey!

Cantinera de Calathea
Jucaro Spi
best male
Sali de Valle Estrella
Stilo de Valle Estrella
Jucaro Spi Aretha
Ninfa de Valle Estrella
Jarcha de Calathea
Miel de Valle Estrella
veteran class

Finally, a photo of the winners

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