Ostercappeln 2003

Date:August 9, 2003
Location: Ostercappeln (Germany)
Judge:Mr. Brixhe (Belgium)

It was hot in Ostercappeln, very hot! But Little Lobitos keep their tails up! So, seven were entered for the "Landessieger" exhibition, among them the three "debutants" Don Miguel, Dama de Juny and Delfina. Despite the heat, it was a very nice day - sitting together with friends and having a lot of cool drinks ;-). Little Lobito Barbarella and Little Lobito Akilios became "Landessieger Weser-Ems 2003", Akilios also got the BOB, and in the evening, he received the Weser-Ems-Cup 2002. And the three brothers and sisters of our D-litter had a lot of fun, playing together all day long...

The "professionals" watch very carefully...

...whether Don Miguel, Dama de Juny and Delfina do everything right:

"Landessieger Weser-Ems 2003" - Barbarella and Akilios:

Akilios receives the Weser-Ems-Cup 2002:

Rosa becomes 3rd among eight in the competition "junior handling":

Exhibitions are nice, but playing is more fun!

With this heat, we're always thirsty ;-)

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