Friendly Racing of the 3CL

Text and photos: Susanna Sáez Catllà

On February 8, the 3CL (Club Catalan de Courses de Lévriers) organised a friendly racing on the new racing track in St. Nazaire, Departement Pyrenée-Oriental. The weather was pleasant, with sun and relatively high temperatures. The club prepared an outside meal, which we enjoyed together with friends. The judge Victor Besson observed the runs of the 29 inscribed sighthounds. There were eight Galgos Espaņoles registered, among them Little Lobito Català (Pol), who got the 4th place. First among the Galgos was Borrasca del Viento. All Galgos had to run twice 445 m.

The results of the Galgos:

1. Borrasca del Viento (B: Broger, O: Vergnaud)
2. Thais du Bouleau Argenté (B: Michon, O: Provenzano)
3. Cerunnos Bamboo (B: Nau/Ripke, O: Russell-Jones)
4. Little Lobito Català (B: Gaede/Ebbrecht, O: Sáez Catllà)
5. Ossiel (B + O: Provenzano)


Pol in action


Roderick (r.) in action


Borrasca del Viento


On the home stretch