Skokloster Summer Show 2008

Date:July 12/13, 2008
Location: Lövudden (Västerås)/S
Nicasio Deocon/E (12.07.)
Gilberto Grandi/I (13.07.)

This year, we again visited the Skokloster Summer Show in Sweden. Meanwhile, it moved away from the eponymous location and took place in Lövudden (Västerås). The exhibition place was located directly beside a large campground and the Lake Mälaren. There was even a bathing place for dogs!

Again, it was a two-days exhibition: on the first day, there was the club show of the Svenska Galgo Español Klubben, on the second day, the Galgos were presented on the exhibition of the Svenska Kennel Klubben. For the first time this year, a CAC was awarded on the club show as well. For this reason, our Lara (Rayma LaClaudia) became Swedish champion on the first day.

For the club show on Saturday, the SvGEK had invited Nicasio Deocon Bononat from Spain. He is one of the Spanish special judges for the breed Galgo Español and possesses many years of experience in judging this breed. For Sunday, Gilberto Grandi from Italy was engaged for the Galgos. Mr. Grandi, breeder of Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds (amongst others), judges Greyhounds since 1984 and all other sighthounds since 1988.

For the club show, there were 41 Galgos entered, for Sunday, there were 33. Here is a selection of our photos...

BOB (Rayma LaClaudia) and BOS (Jucaro Spi Apolo) of the club show:

BOB (Paramour Bill To Thrill) and BOS (Paramour Cherish the Wish), second day:

puppy class males:

Paramour Disarm With Charm
Paramour Dance In Trance

puppy class females:

Paramour Dream It Seem
Paramour Delight in Sight

junior class males:

Zakeya's Mr Mistral II

intermediate class males:

Zarandillo Guapo Enrique
Kashaya Vivaldo
Coastwinds Rider Porthos

working class males:

Paramour Bill To Thrill
Hot Isle Adelardo

open class males:

Kashaya Valdivio
Knallåsen's Zodiaco

champion class males:

Alcazar Du Bouleau Argente
Jucaro Spi Apolo
Garbo De Valle Estrella

junior class females:

Zakeya's Mizz Modezty
Zakeya's Mizz Melizza
Zakeya's Mizz Merizza

intermediate class females:

Coastwinds Rider Estrella
Rabilargo's Amora
Warlock's Lucida Rabilargo
Rabilargo's Adoracion
Hot Isle Amalsinda
Zarandillo Guapa Estrella

open class females:

Paramour Cheat for a Treat
Paramour Cherish the Wish
Paramour Chilli Vanilli
Randeros Hierbabuena
Rayma LaClaudia
Zarandillo Guapa Esperanza

champion class females:

Zarandillo Bella Yapa
Zoe De Valle Estrella
Zarandillo Bella Ynez

The two Claudias
and their BOB cup

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