N.E. des Club du SLAG 2004

Date:July 17/18, 2004
Location: Laferté sur Amance (France)
Judge: Hr. Ainardi (Coursing)
 Hr. Campagne (Exhibition)

The French Club du SLAG organised its Nationale d'Elevage 2004 together with the obligatory coursing in Laferté sur Amance, a little village in the department Haute Marne. Due to the vicinity to Germany and Switzerland, there were also some Galgo owners present from these countries. All in all, 9 Galgos were registered for the coursing and 33 for the exhibition.

The coursing took place on Saturday on a nearby field in warm and wettish weather. On Sunday, the exhibition followed. To the surprise of all participants, the organisers short-term decided to exchange Mr. Grunheid, who originally was meant to judge the Galgos, by Mr. Campagne - also coming from France.

Here are some photo impressions from the coursing and the exhibition...

Doma Vaquera Osadia
Yevgheni van de Wilgensloot
Anais del Viento
Cerunnos Ex Libris
Romanow's Valencia
Tierra del Fuego du Bouleau Argente
Thais du Bouleau Argente
Undosa del Sayad el Gazel
Utrillo à la Cour du Roi Boulou
Yevgheni van de Wilgensloot
Romanow's Xanadu
Ufano du Bouleau Argente
Pykita à la Cour du Roi Boulou
Anais del Viento

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