Exhibition of the Club du SLAG 1998

Date: July 18/19, 1998

Location: La Madine (France)

This year, the Exhibition of the French Club du SLAG took place on July 18 and 19. This club represents the Galgo Espaņol besides some other breeds (Sloughi, Azawakh, Pharaohound, Podenco, Podengos Portugaises and Cirneco). Once a year, it is an opportunity to have a closer look at the French Galgo scene.

This time, it was not too far away from Germany, because the venue was close to Metz at the Lac de Madine. 29 Spanish Greyhounds from different European countries were entered plus some "visitors".

It was nice to meet our friends again!

Here are some of our photos:

Detailed results of the exhibition were published in the journal of the Club du SLAG