Exhibition of the Club du SLAG 1999

Date: July 25, 1999

Location: Mansle (France)

Judge: Mr. Mansancal

The French Club du SLAG represents the Galgo Espaņol besides some other breeds (Sloughi, Azawakh, Pharaohound, Podenco, Podengos Portugaises and Cirneco). This year, the "Nationale d'Elevage" took place in a small village close to Angoulême.

According to the time of the year, it was hot - almost impossible to stay in the sun for a long time. But in the shadow of the trees beside the exhibition place, where the camping cars and tents were placed, in was very pleasant. Even a refreshment in a small river was possible.

Therefore, coursing and exhibition became almost a minor matter for us. More important was to meet a number of good friends again. And the absolute highlight surely was the traditional "Gala-Dîner" on the Saturday evening.

Here are some impressions of the show:

The organizer Mme. Josette Lalemend with the president of the Club du SLAG, Mr. Francis Meunier.

Ex1 in the junior class males: Doma Vaquera Ola Hombre (B. and O.: Schweitzer).

Paula (Ex3 in the open class) together with Thomas in the ring.

The almost 13 years old female Belissama (B.: Royo; O.: Schweitzer), who is present in the pedigrees of many Galgos in the show.

Ex1 in the champion class and BOB for Doma Vaquera Lobo Grande (B.: Schweitzer; O.: Graizely/Elbaz).

The female Doma Vaquera Osadia (B.: Schweitzer; O.: Müller) got an Ex1 in the junior class.

Ex1 in the open class males for Oscuro del Sayad el Gazel (B. and O.: Ayuso).

The young generation of Galgos, seen beside the coursing.

Toledano del Legionario (left, Ex2 open class males) and Melissa (Ex1, best female and No 2 in the competition "Beauty and Performance").