Summer Journey to Spain 2006

The most important reason of our second journey to Spain this year was the participation in the 26th Monográfica del Galgo Español which took place in Rosalejo, a little village in the Extremadura. We will report about this exhibition in a short time. Before that, we'd like to present some impressions of the other parts of the journey: going to the Extremadura lets you pass the French Atlantic coast. This is a good opportunity for some "training sessions"! And although the holiday season was going to start, there was always enough space for us on the beach.

Yes, ...
... water is wet!
And then enjoy the peace!

After that we continued heading for the Extremadura - and with each kilometer, the temperature rose!

There are wide landscapes around Madrid ...
... of course, with the "Osborne Bull".
Shade is always welcome ...
... as well as a little hiking close to a river.
In the Extremadura.

Another station of the journey was the kennel Randeros, located close to Valencia. There we had the opportunity to see 5 puppies of the latest litter before they will leave for their new families during the coming days.

At the end something we found at a beach restaurant in France but which we unfortunately cannot translate adequately: a funny example for a computer translation (maybe you know enough German to understand it).