Spain in Autumn 2010

In the first part, we reported about the Copa de las Naciones. The next day we went to Tembleque, 80 km from Rielves. A very nice hunting area with a natural balcony, where the cars and camping cars could park. There was a wonderful light, but only few hares and the dogs often had to go a very long time in the Trailla until finally a hare could be raised. The territory was not easy to overlook, olive trees, vines and bushes blocked the view. The dry soil allowed the hares a high speed and it came twice to spectacular runs of three and a half minutes, where the dogs and the hare were running uphill and finally disappeared up there.

A Spanish horse with a German name: Kahn (after the goal keeper).
Soso, a son from Sosa, who we saw 2003 at the Copa del Rey in Medina del Campo.
Reina, who already won
a lot of exhibitions.
Paquito, youngster in the kennel "de la Dehesa Extremeña".

In the afternoon, our power weakened and we watched the last races from the lookout hill, and, once again, hoped for the following day, when the other dogs of the club were scheduled to run (there were 32 dogs, or 16 pairs, nominated) and the weather should be even better. This hunt should then take place in Rielves, again. But over there, it was still raining, and the situation did not improve. Since, on the first day, far too many hares were captured, which would have been much faster with better weather, the Monday was canceled. We, of course, were a little bit disappointed. But what a surprise! On Monday, just on the field in front of the parked camping cars, some hunters gathered for a private hunting and let us take photos. This was a sufficient compensation.

By chance, we parked on a little road, where the galgueros of the village walked their dogs or trained them with the bicycle. Here are some impressions of a galguero and his beautiful dogs.

Carlos makes friends with a Galgo from a hunter.

Then we had enough of hunting and hare, and for a few days, we played tourists, visited the well-known windmills and discovered new, beautiful landscapes on the way back.

In the morning... noon... the evening... night.
Photo session with Yoyobike.
For all, who are interested in mountain bike tours in the Pyrenees or the Alps, we suggest
to visit their website.
Not all of our models were cooperative
Our last night in Spain.
Roderick made a fish pie...
...and Fabienne and Jerôme served a fantastic desert (among other tasty dishes)!
[The last three photos are from Fabienne]