Winter Journey to Spain 2006

Two days before New Year's Eve, we start our journey direction South - heading towards the sun. We go via Luxembourg and France and stop in Castellón, where we meet Miguel Gil. After a joint lunch at the harbour, we visit his kennel ("Rayma"), where still two sisters of our little Lara are living and we are - of course - very curious to see them! Unfortunately, we lost the few pictures we made due to bad luck.

We continue our journey via Valencia (with our favourite camping with a very warm indoor-pool and a Jacuzzi) and via Almeria (which is almost totally covered by plastic because of the cultivation of fruits and vegetables) to Vejer de la Frontera. We stay for two days on the Cortijo Buena Vista - horseback riding on an Andalusian stallion inclusive!

Almeria, covered
by plastic.
Buena Vista
Horseback riding on an
Andalusian stallion.
enjoys the sun ...
... and the beach of the quite near village Conil de la Frontera!
Our next stop is Écija, where the final of the Copa del Rey takes place.
On the evening before, there is a presentation in the theatre - with music, flamenco and many speeches.
Waiting for the start of the Copa del Rey...
Control by the veterinary.
A participant
with its "fans".
A traillero.
Waiting for ...
... its turn.
The horsemen
prepare ...
... to build the "Mano".
The hunting ...
... starts.

Ecija is not far away from Villa del Río, where Bartomomé Ramírez ("Valle Estrella") and his wife Paqui are living. We have a look at their Galgos, and also their horse breeding which is relatively new. Later, we relax on their Finca Tierras Nuevas (after Bartolo pruned away some olive trees to let our RV pass).

Tierras Nuevas ...
... sun bathing ...
... and dreaming.

Last stop of the journey is the house of Susanna Sáez. After some joint walks and trips to Igualada and Barcelona, we have to say good-bye. Germany is waiting ...

After three streneous days with ten (!) Galgos, Bru and Pol enjoy the warm fire place.