Winter Journey to Spain 2007

This time, we started on Sylvester's day direction South. Because it was a Sunday, there was almost no traffic on the highway and sometimes it was only us on the road. Our first stop was Passa close to Perpignan, where our good friend Roderick lives together with his Galgos. We met him and two more sighthound-lovers at the racing place in St. Nazaire, which he built together with other friends. Here, our Galgos could run and play a bit after the long journey (there were in total 16 Galgos, a Barsoi, an Afghan, an Azawakh, a Sloughi and a Whippet).

The racing of the 3CL (Club Catalan de Courses de Lévriers)
The newcomers had a first look ...
... from the camping car.
New Years greetings were sent
to the family at home.
Bandido d'el Collina Perruska in action.
Then, they could run and play together ...
... until it was time to recollect them.
After a few days at the house of Roderick, we continued our journey and went to Susanna ...
... and from there, we went further South to Castellón (where the kennel Rayma is located).
On the way, ...
... we had to buy pottery for our terrace!
In Castellón, we spent an evening together with Miguel Gil and his wife Nela (here together with Rayma Babalá, the mother of our Lara) as well as their daughter Carmen.
A typical Spanish food: Pizza ;-)

The next morning, we went to Valencia, where we relaxed at the beach for a day. Then we finally started to Quintana de la Serena, to watch the racings of this year's "Campeonato" for the Copa del Rey. We will report about this in part two...

Claudia is relaxing
in the sun of Valencia.


Photos (8-14): Susanna Sáez Catllà