Club Show Switzerland 2004

Location: Rifferswil (Switzerland)
Judge: Mr. Lázló Erdös (Hungary)

On April 24, a CAC exhibition for all sighthound races took place on the lovely situated racing track of Rifferswil. In the course of this event, the Swiss Greyhound-, Magyar Agar- and Galgo Club held its yearly club show. Mr. Lázló Erdös from Hungary, who already judged the Galgos in 2000 at the FCI European dog show in Tulln, was invited to judge the three breeds which are represented by the club.

4 Magyar Agars, 21 Greyhounds and 6 Galgos were entered. What a pity that there were only two Galgos from Switzerland participating in their own club show. The other four entered Galgos are owned by people from Germany. Both CAC went to Germany and the BOB was given to our Bärbel (Little Lobito Barbarella). Three breeders of the club ("of Resin Farm", "of Chelsea" and "Del Viento") had kindly donated special prizes for the three BOB winners.

All in all, we spent a nice day together with our friends, which in the morning started cold and wet, but became warm and sunny in the afternoon.

All six entered Galgos

Massai del Legionario

Ex1, CAC
Little Lobito Barbarella

Oops, that was close!

A plane, approaching
the airport nearby...

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