Spring Galgotour 2007

First stop on our journey was a visit of Sandra and the "Del Viento" Galgos in their new house, located in a nice Swiss village with wonderful gardens.

Sandra and Claudia walking with their Galgos

We then went to the Camargue (known for the white horses, black bulls and pink flamingos), where our dogs had the possibility to play and run on the endless beaches.

...and playing on the beaches
Alex is
chased by a monster
There seems to be something "delicious": a lusciousness of the famous horses of the Camargue!

After that, we visited our friend Roderick, who lives close to Perpignan together with his Galgos.

Roderick with Bandido
d'el collina of Perruska

From there we headed South, with a stop at Susanna (ZigZag), to Talavera de la Reina, where the special exhibition of Spanish breeds and the international Spring exhibition took place. We showed Bärbel and Lara, who presented themselves at best. Lara got Ex1 in the intermediate class on both days, Bärbel got the CAC on the international show, the BOB was twice given to Tata de Valle Estrella, at the time being the most successful Galgo female in Spain.

Helio de Valle Estrella, with twelve years still in top form
Antonio from Badajóz with his junior female Bambalina
There is someone imitating the hairstyle of Alex!

On the exhibition, we met Elena, a successful breeder of English Springer Spaniels (De los tres robles), who is living close to Santander. So far, we only knew her from an internet forum. She invited us to stop at her house on our way back home. What a contrast! After the hot and dry centre of Spain, the green and lush Basque country. It reminded us of Bavaria: mountains and cow bells, but unfortunately also rain. With the difference that you can see the ocean in the distance. Again, a big "Thanks" to Elena and Jupp for their hospitality! But our Galgos were very impressed by the Springers and did not want to run and play with them. Instead of that, they stood still on the meadow and did not move. Now, we most probably left the impression, that Galgos cannot walk ;-)

Whoops, what's that?
Springer-Spaniel puppies...
...on expedition

On our further way back home, we stopped in Mimizan Plage at the French Atlantic coast. There we had the opportunity for an unforgettable horse back ride on the beach (Centre d'Équitation de Loisir).

Thomas with 'Muguette'
before the ride
(photo: Sarah Henderson)
Claudia with her "big" friend

Last stop on our journey was Josette (d'el collina of Perruska). Then, we had to go back home.

Josette with Belinda and Bellissima
Always with us:
Claudia's Bambus
Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis'
(click on each photo to enlarge)