World Dog Show 2001

Date: June 8-10, 2001

Location: Porto (Portugal)

Judge: Pedro Rufino (Portugal)

This year, we had to travel to Portugal to visit the World Dog Show 2001. It was a well organized exhibition, and we had a lot of fun ;-))

17 Galgos were entered in total, all of them were of high quality. With only one exception, all exhibitors came from Spain, mainly with dogs from the well known kennels "de Valle Estrella", "Ukelele's/De Vil" and "Rayma". In addition, there was also one Galgo shown from the kennel "del Llarrizo".

Here are photos and results:

Rayma Decim
(CAC, CACIB, World Winner, BOS)

De Vil Gula Gula (l.)

Ritmo de Valle Estrella (r.)

Helio de Valle Estrella

Sandra de Valle Estrella
(Puppy-BOB and -BOG)

Ukelele's Jarana

Ukelele's Jarana (l.)

Ukelele's Jai-Alai (m.)

Paloma de Valle Estrella (r.)

Rayma Babala
(CACIB, World Winner, BOB)


open class males 

Ex1, CAC, CACIB, World Winner, BOS - Rayma Decim
Ex2, RCAC, RCACIB - De Vil Gula-Gula
Ex3 - Ritmo de Valle Estrella
Ex4 - Ukelele's In Pectore
Ex5 - Sancho II del Llarrizo

champion class males

Ex1 - Helio de Valle Estrella
Ex2 - Foc

puppy class females

Puppy-BOB and -BOG - Sandra de Valle Estrella

junior class females

Ex1, Junior-BOB - Tani de Valle Estrella

intermediate class females

Ex1 - Rosa de Valle Estrella

open class females

Ex1, CAC, RCACIB - Ukelele's Jarana
Ex2, RCAC - Ukelele's Jai-Alai
Ex3 - Paloma de Valle Estrella
Ex4 - Doņa Germana de Loygar's
absent - Lola Del Llarrizo

champion class females

Ex1, CACIB, World Winner, BOB - Rayma Babala
Ex2 - Princesa de Valle Estrella