World Dog Show 2002

Date:July 5, 2002 (Galgos)
Location: Amsterdam /NL
Judge:Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne /D

This year, the F.C.I. world winner show took place in Amsterdam. On four days, more than 15.000 dogs were presented in the halls of the RAI Exhibition & Congress Centre. Among of them 23 Galgos, who were already judged on Friday.

Like in the years before, Galgos from Spain have been dominant. The kennel "De Valle Estrella" e.g. presented 8 dogs, the kennel "Ukelele's/De Vil" three. Unfortunately, there were no Galgos from the kennel "Rayma" present. The only "non-Spanish" Galgo (besides our Barbarella), who was first in its class, was the junior female Romanow's Valencia, who got the world junior winner title.

All in all, it was an interesting and exciting exhibition. We are looking forward to the world dog show 2003, which then will take place very close to our home - in Dortmund.

Ritmo de Valle Estrella

world winner, BOB

Paloma de Valle Estrella

world winner

Helio de Valle Estrella


De Vil Guajira


Romanow's Valencia

world junior winner

Ukelele's Litri

Vg1 (junior class)

Bambi de Valle Estrella

vp, best puppy

Judge and world winners

(from left to right: Juan Antonio Rienda Barrales with Ritmo de Valle Estrella, the judge Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne and Bartolomé Ramírez, the president of the Spanish Galgo club, with Paloma de Valle Estrella)


males puppy class

vp, best puppy - Bambi de Valle Estrella (B.+ O: Ramírez)

males open class

Ex1, RCAC, RCACIB - Helio de Valle Estrella (B: Ramírez, O: Rienda Barrales)
Ex2 - Toni de Valle Estrella (B: Ramirez Castro - O: Bischof-Maier)
Vg3 - Little Lobito Antonio (B: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O: Blessing)
Vg4 - Elendili's Deagol (B: Bredenfeldt - O: Stene)
absent - Cerunnos E-Mail (B: Ripke/Nau - O: Sejersen/Flaten)

males junior class

Vg1 - Ukelele's Litri (B: García Bono - O: Stene)
Vg2 - Del Ninos Vencedores Brio Bandolero (B: Hübchen - O: Reuser)

males champion class

Ex1,CAC,CACIB, world winner,BOB - Ritmo de Valle Estrella (B: Ramírez, O: Rienda Barrales)
Ex2 - Cerunnos V.I.P. (B: Ripke/Nau - O: van Dieken)
absent - Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano (B: Morgan - O: Reuser)

females puppy class

vp1 - Little Lobito Barbarella (B.+ O: Ebbrecht/Gaede)
vp2 - Bahia de Valle Estrella (B.+ O: Ramírez)

females open class

Ex1, CAC, CACIB, world winner - Paloma de Valle Estrella (B: Ramírez, O: Rienda Barrales)
Ex2 - Little Lobito Abizanda (B: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O: Schute)
Vg3 - Marie Theresa Ibericos Segoviano (B: Morgan - O: Andersen/Wildeboer)
absent - Elendili's Celebrian (B: Bredenfeldt - O: Sejersen/Flaten)

females junior class

Ex1, RCAC - world junior winner - Romanow's Valencia (B.+ O: Müller)
Ex2 - Ada de Valle Estrella (B: Ramírez - O: Rienda Barrales)
Ex3 - Del Ninos Vencedores Belleza (B.+ O: Hübchen)
G4 - Royal Tramp's La Estesudeste (B: Wahlström - O: Schuman)
absent - Ukelele's Lolita (B: García Bono - O: Elbaz)

females champion class

Ex1, RCACIB - De Vil Guajira (B: García Bono - O: Sanchez García)
Ex2 - Cerunnos Ex Libris (B: Ripke/Nau - O: Demacker)
Ex3 - Rosa de Valle Estrella (B: Ramírez, O: Rienda Barrales)
Vg4 - Ukelele's Jarana (B: García Bono - O: Navarro)
G - Paramour Arctic Star Going Far (B: Lindström - B: Ripke/van Laar)