World Dog Show 2003

Date:May 29 - June 1, 2003
Location: Dortmund (Germany)
Judge:Norman Huidobro (Spain)

The world's greatest dog event, organised by the world dog federation, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), took place in Germany for the first time since 1991. Dog enthusiasts from 55 nations met at the exhibition halls Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, the home town of the German dog federation VDH. Like in 1991, the VDH again achieved a record score: with 18,716 registered dogs, it has been the biggest world dog show of all times. In addition, there were about 1,800 dogs which were entered for other cynological competitions, like the crossbred or the obedience contest. This adds to a total number of about 20,500 dogs. For comparison: 15,571 dogs were registered in Bern (Switzerland) for the so far biggest world dog show in 1994.

Even the ultimate square metre - including the parking garages - had been used for rings, so that the total exhibition area took up about 70,000 sqm. Surprisingly, the expected rush on the roads around the exhibition halls did not occur and there were no queues in front of the entrances to the parking lots (at least at six in the morning ;-)).

The well known judge Mr. Huidobro from Spain had been invited for judging the Galgos on this world dog show. This might be one reason for the considerable high number of 32 Galgos, which were registered. Five among of them (plus Helio de Valle Estrella for the veteran class) even came from Spain.

In the junior class males, we were very glad about the World Junior Winner title for Little Lobito Carlito who was placed before his brothers Castelló and Caspar. For the females, this title went to Baccara del Viento from Switzerland. But also Little Lobito Akilios (Ex2, RCACIB) and Little Lobito Barbarella (Ex2, RCAC) were quiet successful. Paloma de Valle Estrella got the World Winner title out of the champion class and the BOB finally went to Ritmo de Valle Estrella, who by the way is a half brother of the three junior males. In the afternoon, the two world winners also participated in the couple class competition and were placed second out of more than 30 couples. A great success for the breed Galgo Español!

Juli de Valle Estrella
puppy class males
Little Lobito Carlito
World Junior Winner
Brio Bandolero del Niños Vencedores
Ritmo de Valle Estrella
World Winner, BOB
Baccara del Viento
World Junior Winner
Paloma de Valle Estrella
World Winner
Anais del Viento
Ex1, VDH
The World Winners together with the judge Mr. Huidobro

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