Pictures of the year 2020

For well-known reasons, we didn't have any holidays this year (or rather, we thought it was wiser not to travel for a while). In addition, at the beginning of the year we had to give up our motorhome with a heavy heart, because after 20 years of intensive use it could only be given to a hobbyist.

So we made the best of it and stayed in beautiful Wetter-Albringhausen, where we went for extensive walks with our galgos. We also rearranged our living room a little, rediscovered baking, took care of our other pets (including Manni), fed the birds on the terrace (and watched them for hours), watched Elon Musk's Starlink satellites in the sky at night, unfortunately had to have two (sick) trees cut down, Claudia painted a lot and of course we finally ate all the baked stuff ;-). Here are our photos: