Special Galgo Exhibition 2001

Date: September 15, 2001

Location: Volkmarsen (Germany)

Judge: Mrs. Peschges

This year, the Special Galgo Exhibition took place in Volkmarsen on September 15. In fact, 31 Galgos were not enough to beat the record of last year in Gelsenkirchen. Nevertheless, the exhibition surely was a great success for the breed Galgo Espaņol, not least due to the help of the organizer, the "Hassia - Club für Windhundrennen".

Many thanks also to Gabriele Hübchen, who made it possible to organize this exhibition on a very short term basis.

Galgo-friends came from Poland, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands to participate in this exhibition. This underlines the great interest in such an event. Unfortunately, we had typical German rainy weather instead of a real "Spanish" late summer. At least it was almost dry during the exhibition on Saturday and during the coursing on Sunday. But is was raining all night long...

From our point of view, it was very encouraging that 7 out of 9 "Lobitos" from our A-litter found their way to Volkmarsen. For Little Lobito Akilios it became a very successful day: he surpassed the males from the open class as well as those from the veterans, working and champion class and got the title "Jahressieger 2001" (winner of the year). Later, he got the Junior-BOB and in the evening he was chosen for the Junior-BIS.

Little Lobito Akilios

This time, his brother Antonio became second, but in the evening he got the "Hessen-Thüringen Cup" in the junior class.

Among the junior females, Little Lobito Ana Candis got the first place, followed by her sisters Alejandra, Azuela and Abizanda.

Little Lobito Ana Candis

Cerunnos Edda

Cerunnos Errol Flynn won the open class males and he then beat his sister Cerunnos Edda, who was also started in the open class, in the BOB competition.


The special prize for the competition "most beautiful head" was given to the female Del Ninos Vencedores Alegria.


veterans class males

Ex1, Veterans-BOB - Aron (B.: (-) - O.: Hübchen)

junior class males

Ex1, Jahressieger 2001, Junior-BOB, Junior-BIS - Little Lobito Akilios (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Jaenicke)
Vg2 - Little Lobito Antonio (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Blessing)
Vg3 - Little Lobito Álvaro (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede, O.: Hanst)
G - Bonito (B.: (-) - O.: Görtz)

open class males

Ex1, CAC, VDH, BOB - Cerunnos Errol Flynn (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: Haas)
Ex2, RCAC, RVDH - Cerunnos E-Mail (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: Sejersen/Flaten)
Vg3 - Paramour Atta Boy What a Joy (B.: Lindström - O.: Janecka/Ripke/Nau)
Vg4 - Elendili's Deagol (B.: Bredenfeldt - O.: Stene)
absent - Capitan de Vil (B.: García Bono - O.: Martens Ulreich/Wildeboer)

working class males

Ex1, VDH - Del Ninos Vencedores Alvaro (B.+ O.: Hübchen)

champion class males

Ex1, VDH - Cerunnos V.I.P. (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: van Dieken)
Ex2, RVDH - Del Ninos Vencedores Arpad (B.+ O.: Hübchen)
Vg3 - Del Ninos Vencedores Amerigo (B.+ O.: Hübchen)

junior class females

Ex1, Junior-BOS - Little Lobito Ana Candis (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O.: Querfurth)
Ex2 - Little Lobito Alejandra (B.+ O.: Ebbrecht/Gaede)
Vg3 - Little Lobito Azuela (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O.: Leone-Devaux)
Vg4 - Little Lobito Abizanda (B.: Ebbrecht/Gaede - O.: Schute)

open class females

Ex1, CAC, VDH, bH, Jahressiegerin 2001 - Cerunnos Edda (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: Schmidt)
Ex2, RCAC, RVDH - Cerunnos Ex Libris (B.: Nau/Ripke - O.: Demacker)
Ex3 - Doma Vaquera Oņa (B.: Schweitzer - O.: Leone-Devaux)
Vg4 - Cerunnos Caramel (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: Schmidt)
Sg - Marie Antoinet Ibericos Segoviano (B.: Morgan - O.: Weijermans)
Sg - Cerunnos Deja-Vu (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: v.d.Pavoordt)
G - Cerunnos Extasy (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: Janecka)
G - Leila (B.: (-) - O.: Cormann)

champion class females

Ex1, VDH - Cerunnos Watch Me (B.: Ripke/Nau - O.: Janecka)
Ex2, RVDH - Del Ninos Vencedores Alegria (B.+ O.: Hübchen)
Vg3 - Philomena Ibericos Segoviano (B.: Morgan - O.: Weijermans)
Vg4 - Norica de Valle Estrella (B.: Ramírez Castro - O.: Blessing)

special competition "most beautiful head"

Del Ninos Vencedores Alegria (B.+ O.: Hübchen)