Special Galgo Exhibition 2003

Date:October 11, 2003
Location: Issum
Judge:Nicasio Deocón (Spain)

On October 11, this year's Special Galgo Exhibition took place in Issum. The "Düsseldorfer Windhund-Rennverein" spared neither effort nor costs to organise a wonderful and diverting exhibition. Again, we would like to say THANK YOU for the good organisation and the hospitality. The Spanish judge Nicasio Deocón Bononat had been invited for the Galgos Españoles. He is an international judge, specialised on the judgement of Spanish breeds. He is committed to the preservation of the population of original races in his country and he regularly publishes articles and documentations about this issue. In the past, he also owned Galgos Españoles of both hair types, but due to the increasing danger of Galgo thefts in Spain, he abstains from owning them.

Despite the adverse condition that there was no announcement of the exhibition in the club magazine "Unsere Windhunde", a reasonable number of 46 Galgos were registered. Many prizes were donated from Galgo lovers around the world. So, none of the participants had to leave without a little present.

Little Lobito Caipirinha and his owner Joan Garth from California sent a big box with presents.

At the beginning of the show, a flamenco dancer and a Spanish equestrian danced around each other, presenting a little love-story.

The enthusiastic applause of the audience spoke for itself!

In the junior class, the judge elected the female Abba Amona Bona Dea from a Dutch breed and Little Lobito Caspar, who also got the Junior-BOB, for the titles. "Jahressieger" became Alvaro del Niños Vencedores from a German breed and the vice world winner of this year, Ukelele’s Lolita, a daughter of the well known Rayma Ukelele. The BOB was given to the female.

As usual, here are some of our photos...

Alvaro del Niños Vencedores

Ukelele's Lolita

"Jahressiegerin" and BOB
Little Lobito Caspar

Junior "Jahressieger"
Abba Amona Bona Dea

Junior "Jahressiegerin"
Little Lobito Dama de Juny

females puppy class
Little Lobito Don Miguel

males puppy class
Marie Antoinet Ibericos Segoviano

Ex1, females champion class
El Legionario Carbon Dulce

Ex1, males champion class
Some Spanish folklore
should not be missing ;-)

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