Special Galgo Exhibition 2010

Date:June 5, 2010
Location: Hünstetten (Germany)
Judge: Ms. Schröter (Germany)

This year, the Special Galgo Exhibition took place in Hünstetten. There were 38 Galgos engaged. Location, organisation and weather were all outstanding. Many thanks to our member of the breeding committee, Ursula Jänicke, and to the special organiser, Sabine Heitmann, plus all other helping hands. So, we spent an exciting and pleasurable weekend together with friends and like-minded people.

Like the last time, the owners of Galgos without pedigree had the opportunity to present their dogs to the judge after the official show and 5 made use of it.

Here are our photos and the video of the entrance of the participants:

veteran class

Cerunnos DaCapo
Romanow's Valentino

Romanow's Valencia
Romanow's Vasquita
Little Lobito Barbarella
Little Lobito Clara

puppy class

Zarandillo Querida Chiribata
Born to Dream Promontorio da Lua

junior class

Rayma Dilluns
San Agustin del Guadalix Almiro
Cocolores High Fidelity
Rayma Dimarts

Little Lobito Ingrid
San Agustin del Guadalix Asira
Romanow's Dicha

intermediate class

Don Carlos del Niños Vencedores

open class

Paramour Design of Mine
Paramour Disarm with Charme
Paramour Celebrate the Great

Little Lobito Hada
Little Lobito Hilda
Romanow's Cazadora
Little Lobito Francisca
Dona Juanita of Little Milwaukee

working class

Zarandillo Guapo Enredador
Randeros El Greco

Romanow's Xamara

champion class

Bandolero do Promontório da Lua
Romanow's Belami
Kashaya Vivaldo
Rayma Collons Cagueme

Romanow's Camee
Romanow's Bonanova
Little Lobito Dama de Juny
Garrocha de Calathea

honour class

Romanow's Xanadu

Galgos without pedigree:


Further photo impressions can be found at our facebook photo album

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