Monográfica 2010

Date: April 17, 2010
Location: Alange (Spain)
Judge: Gemma Ramos Burches/E 

This year, the 30th Monográfica took place in Alange, a small village in the Extremadura, beautifully located at a large lake. It is well-known for its thermes.

Our friend Antonio Jesús Cuenca González (kennel de la Dehesa Extremeña) did an excellent job in organising everything: a wonderful exhibition site, directly located at the waterfront, a roof which spends shade, catering service, parking places. He had thought about everything.

There was only one thing, he could not influence: the weather. Already for some days, heavy thunderstroms crossed the Extremadura and for the day of the exhibition, there were no changes announced. First, we were lucky and it stayed dry until the afternoon. But when the Concurso was already finished and the judgement of the females at the Monográfica began, short but heavy rainfalls started. It was the first time that Gemma Ramos (kennel Randeros) judged the Monográfcia, so it was some sort of "baptism" for her.

The judge, Gemma Ramos Burches

Due to several reasons, some participants were missing, whose dogs would have interested us. But even without them, there were a lot of excellent Galgos at the show. Our Irma won the junior class females and is on her way to follow the footsteps of her mother Bärbel who in the year 2004 got the BIS at the Monográfica in Almagro. This year, the BIS was given to Nelly, a very nice black rough-coated female owned by our friend Juan Carlos Espino (kennel Jucaro Spi).

BIS: Nelly
Jucaro Spi Bucanero
Jucaro Spi Beltraneja
Fito de la Dehesa Extremeña
Little Lobito Indigo
Little Lobito Irma
Greta de la Dehesa Extremeña
Nelly (BIS) and Huracán (BOS)

Despite or, maybe, because of the rain, the mood was very funny.

There was applause
for the brave exhibitors...

...and everybody came close together ;-)

Because of the weather, and because Claudia had to present a lot of dogs, there are only few photos from the Monográfica. But at the Concurso, we were much busier. Report and photos will follow later...

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