Scandinavia 2007 (Part 2)

In the first part of our photo story, we reported about our travel to Sweden, the exhibition in Mariefred, and the lure coursing in Stjärnhov. After that, we started for a short round trip to Norway including the participation in an exhibition in Nesbyen - accompanied by the "natives" Marit, Svenne, Tina and Morten.

Norway is known...
...for its wonderful landscapes.
...partly beyond the timberline...
...the national park "Jotunheimen" is located.
The "natives" promised us fresh fish...
...fortunately, there is a very good pizza chain in Norway, called Peppes Pizza ;-)
These mushrooms are way too beautiful for being eaten.
Exhibition in Nesbyen: Lara got the BOB and finally became fourth in the group competition!
Back in Sweden, we visited the rock paintings close to Tanum...
...of course, our Galgos are also interested in culture!
There was again someone imitating the hair style of Alex!
She was quite impressed by the big horse and the coach.
At the end of the journey, we spent some days at the seaside.
It was still warm enough for having a bath (see pointer)...
...and for spending some time at the beach.
And here is a culinary tip: Kladdkaka.
Doesn't sound very appetising, but for chocolade cake lovers, it is almost unbeatable!