Scandinavia 2007 (Part 1)

This summer, we wanted to see something different - after so many journeys to Spain. So, we went direction North to Sweden and Norway. We already had planned for longer, to participate in the sighthound exhibition in Mariefred/S. This world-wide known exhibition used to take place in Skokloster before. With more than 800 registered sighthounds and Mediterranean dogs it is surely the biggest sighthound show in Europe.

After a nice week on the German island Rügen, where the dogs could run on the beaches despite of the high season...
...we took the ferry from Saßnitz
(Neu-Mukran) to Trelleborg in Sweden.

The dogs had to stay in the camping car, because they were forbidden on deck (although, we saw some smaller dogs there). We didn't had the very best feeling during the passage, because a friend of us told us before that dogs are not allowed in the lifeboats. There are not too many boats that sink but nevertheless, we had to think about it all the time. After almost five hours we finally had Swedish ground beneath our feet.

...with the castle Gripsholm.
No, this isn't the campground of Mariefred, it's the exhibition place!

On the first day in Mariefred, there was the "official" CAC exhibition for the Galgos with the Spanish judge Norman Huidobro Corbett. 37 Galgos were registered in total. On the second day, there was the "unofficial" show of the Svenska Galgo Español Klubben, with 42 registrations. Here, Mrs. Ingela Kyrklund from Sweden was judging. The comprehensive results of both exhibitions can be found on the website of the Swedish club.

The winners of the first day:
Alma du Bouleau Argente (BOB) and Jucaro Spi Apolo (BOS)

The winners of the second day:
Jucaro Spi Apolo (BOB) and Rayma LaClaudia (BOS)

Junior-BOB and place 4 in the BIS-ring of the official show: Rabilargo's Adoracion
A museum train was loudly passing the exhibition place for several times

On the following Monday and Tuesday, an international lure-coursing took place 30 km away from Mariefred on a farm with a small campground in Stjärnhov. Since one could not see the coursing place from the campground, we were able to let the dogs outside the car, so that they could enjoy the sun. The coursing runs went without complications and soon after a number of Salukis, it was time for the Galgos. 7 Galgos participated in the coursing, among them our two females Little Lobito Barbarella and Little Lobito Delfina.

Bärbel and Delfin in their...
...chic coursing tricots.

The winners of the coursing (from left to right):
Jucaro Spi Apolo (5), Little Lobito Barbarella (4), Little Lobito Delfina (3),
Royal Tramp's La Experienca (2) and Zarandillo Bella Ynez (1)

Zarandillo Bella Ynez meets her grandmother Paula
Invigorated by a good breakfast, we moved on direction Norway on the next morning. Find here part 2 of the journey...