France/Spain 2009

This time, we went down the Atlantic coast direction south, crossed Spain to the Mediterranian coast and finally went back north. Here are photos of the journey.

First stop was, of course, at the beach...

Yes, Galgos "adore"
the beach ;-)
"Look what I've found!"
Dog Dancing ;-)

Then, we went to Sonseca (see separate report)...

This vase is a present from our friend Nino.
Posing in front of wind mills...
...and castles.

Castilla-La Mancha says good-bye with a "hare-cloud"...

After that, we visited Gemma and Jose...

Nieces and nephews of Uschi (Rayma D-litter from Rayma Collons Cagueme and Rayma Illa)

In Peñiscola, where we were looking forward to taking a bath in the sea,
we had the only day with rain...

...but there was
an impressive rainbow!

So much the nicer it was at Susanna's house... well as at Roderick's home!
Of course,
we again had a...
...Tarte Tatin!!!

Finally, the Galgos could run together with Uschi's brother
Rayma Collons Cagueme at the house of Fabienne and Jêrome!