Concurso 2006

Location: Rosalejo (Spain)
Judge: Jesus García de Lera/E

Besides the Monográfica, a Concurso took place in Rosalejo, where Galgos Españoles without papers could be presented. The judge was Jesus García de Lera, special judge for Galgos, who recently judged the Galgos on the Anniversary Club Show of the Swiss Greyhound, Magyar Agár and Galgo Espaņol club.

The exhibition ring
on the Plaza Mayor
of Rosalejo

Since the Extremadura is one of the strongholds for Galgos in Spain, there were a lot of very typical Galgos entered for the Concurso. Some of them can be seen on the following photos. Unfortunately, there is no catalog for the Concurso and people still can register their dogs right before the exhibition starts. For that reason, we can neither tell much about the individual dogs nor can we present any list of results.

starting early ;-)
The judge
J. García de Lera
and his wife
best male
best female and BOB
presentation ceremony