Summer Journey to Sweden 2008

During our last year's journey to Sweden, none of the common preconceptions (mosquitos, rain, cold) have been confirmed. So, we went North again, to the country of ride-on lawnmowers and disposable BBQ's (just to create some new prejudices).

With only one week in-between, two interesting events took place (we already reported before): the World Dog Show in Stockholm, a big event with 20.661 entered dogs, and the Skokloster Summer Show, the yearly top event in the Scandinavian sighthound world, with about 970 sighthounds each day. To our knowledge, there is no bigger sighthound show in Europe.

To additionally do something for the education of our Galgos, we did not only visit sighthound shows, but also provided them several cultural highlights, like e.g. petroglyphs, stone tombs, stone ships from the era of the Vikings and several castles. Only few may know that there are numerous castles and manor-houses around the Lake Mälaren, waiting to be discovered. All without crowded parking places, high parking taxes and swarms of people. Often, we were the only ones, taking a walk in the generously proportioned palace gardens...

Following the "Fugleflugts-linien" to the North!
View from the ferry to the port.
The time on the ferry...
...passes while sleeping.
The only elk which we have seen in Sweden, so far ;-)
Sometimes, it was raining a little bit...
...but for some, it was still too dry ;-)
Gripsholm castle was, of course... 
...part of the agenda.
In the castle courtyard, these canons...
...with scary grimaces can be found.
Runestone in front of the castle.
View from the castle to
the lake and Mariefred.
The well known museum train...
...and the corresponding
train station
(plus Marit with
her Galgos from Rabilargo).
Museum "Rademacher-Smedjorna" in Eskiltuna.
More petroglyphs.
This advertisement
makes Alex jealous ;-)
Strömsholm castle, front view...
...and back view.
Especially for Alex: a crown of flowers!
A walk in the
palace garden.
No kings are buried here, but horses!
Stone ships from
the era of the Vikings... Anundshög.
Relaxing at the
Lake Mälaren.