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December 14, 2003
Here are the results of yesterday's CACIB exhibition in Brussels.

December 6, 2003
Oops, you only found empty boots this morning? It doesn't matter! As a small consolation, here is the latest Little Lobito Screensaver. With all photos of the Galgo Calendar 2004.

[Download size: 1.21 MB. System requirements: Windows 95 or higher, graphic card with at least 640 x 480 pixels resolution and 256 colours. Use at one's own risk. Any liability for the program or parts of it is excluded. (c) Little Lobito 2003]

November 30, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for December. This time, with a special (pre-)Christmas motif, which Susanna from Catalonia kindly made available for us.

November 22, 2003
Our website is complete again ;-).

November 21, 2003
We again "moved" our website to a new location. For this reason, it was temporarily not available. Now, it is (partially) back (the rest will follow soon) and we now have four times the space as we had before. This should be sufficient for the next years ;-).

November 16, 2003
Claudia is back from Spain and she's got the Original Buffs® in her luggage.

November 15, 2003
Already on the last weekend, an international exhibition took place in Straßburg. Results >>>

October 31, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for November.

October 20, 2003
On Sunday, an LCO-Coursing took place in Freiburg. Find the results here.

October 18, 2003
Here are the results of today's Bundessieger-Zuchtschau in Dortmund.

October 16, 2003
One day after the Special Galgo Exhibition, the traditional Sankt-Martins-Coursing took place in Issum. The wonderful weather and the clear terrain called for taking pictures - what we abundantly did. So, find our most beautiful photos in the newest photo report.

October 14, 2003
This year's Special Galgo Exhibition took place on October 11 at the location of the "Düsseldorfer Windhund-Rennverein" in Issum. With 46 Galgos in total, an impressive number of registrations could again be achieved. Read more about the show in our latest photo report.

October 4, 2003
On September 27, the third "Concurso Nacional" - organised by the Club Nacional del Galgo Español - took place in Las Virtudes - Santa Cruz de Mudela, a little village close to Ciudad Real. Claudia was there and wrote a photo report.

October 1, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for October.

September 27/28, 2003
Here are the results of the exhibition and the racing in Gelsenkirchen.

September 26, 2003
Together with the Spanish photographer Susanna Sáez, we designed a Galgo Calendar for the coming year. It is going to be printed within the next days. Because it is a premiere for us (and we really do not know how good the quality of the print will be), we limited the edition to 25 exemplars. The price will be about 15 Euro (net cost price). Our motto is: "who comes first, meals first", so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to send us an Email! But, please note: we cannot send the calendars by mail (too much effort). Instead of that, we are going to bring them along to the Special Galgo Exhibition in Issum.

September 21, 2003
New at Puppies | C-Litter: photos of Little Lobito Caipirinha.

September 13, 2003
With nice late summer weather, we spent a pleasant day at the CAC exhibition in Haan-Hochdahl. Mrs. Gielisse/NL judged the four Galgos which were entered. Special highlight of the day: in the ring of honour, our little Delfina received the Puppy-BIS amongst thirteen dogs. All other results >>>

September 9, 2003
Here are the results of the 2nd DWZRV-Sieger Exhibition in Wiesenburg.

September 6, 2003
New at Puppies | C-Litter: photos of Little Lobito Català.

September 2, 2003
As we heard just recently, Little Lobito Azuela may be called Belgian Champion since end of July. Congratulations! We also put new photos from Little Lobito Bastian and Little Lobito Clara on our website.

September 1, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for September.

August 31, 2003
In a very nice atmosphere, a CAC exhibition took place in the "Jubiläumspark" of Bad Homburg on Saturday. Fortunately, the heavy rainfalls stopped right at the beginning of the judgement of the Galgos, and in the afternoon, even the sun came out. How the 5 entered Galgos were judged can be found at results.

August 28, 2003
A short reminder: this year's Special Galgo Exhibition will take place in Issum on October 11. The Spanish Judge Nicasio Deocón has been invited for the Galgos. Please send your registration until 29.09.2003 to Mrs. Irmgard Reshel. There is also the possibility of an Online-Registration.

August 25, 2003
On the last weekend, this year's Sighthound Festival took place in the beautiful Baroque Garden Großsedlitz in Dresden. Three Little Lobitos were presented to the judges on both days. On Saturday, Little Lobito Caspar got the Junior-BIS! Results >>>

August 21, 2003
From now on, our little Alex may officially be called German Champion of Beauty. Under Puppies | A-Litter | Alejandra you will find her own page.

August 19, 2003
It was dusty in Hünstetten on the last weekend. Anyhow, we really enjoyed the two days. The nice landscape, the hearty welcome and the good organisation are worth mentioning. Read more about this event in our latest photo report.

August 11, 2003
It was hot in Ostercappeln, very hot! But Little Lobitos keep their tails up! So, seven were entered for the "Landessieger" exhibition. Here is our photo report.

August 10, 2003
Good news from the CAC exhibition in Berlin: Little Lobito Castelló made his debut in the open class and got Ex1, CAC, VDH, BOB and the "Landessieger" title (the judge was Mr. Baumann from Germany) - Congratulations!

August 4, 2003
At the CAC exhibition in Hildesheim on last Saturday, Little Lobito Carlito became Junior Best in Show. This is already his third Junior-BIS in this season. A great success - congratulations from all of us!

July 31, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for August.

July 27, 2003
The promised photo report about the Nationale d'Elevage of the French Club du SLAG is ready.

July 25, 2003
It's worth having a look into the current issue of the WindhundWelt (2/2003), where you will find our already announced report about the Copa del Rey 2003.

July 21, 2003
So, we just returned from France/Spain and start with a supplement: already on July 12, Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne was judging the Galgos in Cologne at the "Verbandssieger" Exhibition. This year, two of the titles went to Little Lobitos: Akilios got the title "Verbandssieger", Carlito became "Verbandsjugendsieger" and was also chosen as the Best Junior Dog in show. We, of course, are very glad about such good news! All further results can be found here.

But we were also busy: on July 5 - as already mentioned - we visited the Monográfica del Galgo Español, and at the end of our journey, we stopped at Saint Denis de Pile (close to Bordeaux) to attend the Nationale d'Elevage of the Club du SLAG. The report will follow soon.

July 6, 2003
This year's Monográfica took place on July 5 in Palencia, located in the province Castilla y León. We took part and here is our photo report.

Also on July 5, the Dutch club show of the NVOW took place in Lelystad and Benisa, Bastian and Abizanda were very successful. The judge was Mrs. Schwerm-Hahne from Germany. Results >>>

June 27, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for July.

June 23, 2003
On June 22, in sweltering heat, an international exhibition took place in Castellón. Unfortunately, we could not be present but our friend Susanna Sáez made note of the results and took some photos for us. Here is the photo report.

June 21, 2003
Due to her success at the CAC exhibition today in Solingen (Ex1, CAC, VDH, BOB), our little Alex (Little Lobito Alejandra) now meets the requirements for the title German Champion of Beauty (DWZRV).

June 16, 2003
Last Saturday, a "Landessieger" exhibition took place in Bad Doberan. Five Galgos were entered in total. Results >>>

June 15, 2003
You'll find new photos of Carlito, Castelló and Caspar at Puppies | C-Litter.

June 9, 2003
On Saturday, the Galgos ran at the FCI World Championship in Awans/Belgium. There were six males and eight females at the start. The titles went to Raya (owner: Lesbros) from France (females) and to Bonito (owner: Görtz) from Germany (males). Results >>>

June 1, 2003
This year's World Dog Show took place from May 29 until June 1 in Dortmund. 32 Galgos were entered for this with bated breath expected exhibition. See which Galgos were present and which results were achieved in our photo report.

May 31, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for June.

May 26, 2003
Yesterday, at the racing "Großer Preis von Gelsenkirchen", Alvaro del Niños Vencedores was first before his brothers Arpad and Amerigo.

May 24, 2003
It was a successful day for Little Lobito Carlito at the exhibition in Stendal: the judge Mr. Eberhardt awarded Ex1, Junior-BOB and the title "Landesjugendsieger". And in the evening, he also became Junior Best in Show.

May 24, 2003
There were only two Galgos on today's CAC exhibition in Gelsenkirchen. The judge Mrs. Kavcic from Slowenia gave the BOB to Little Lobito Antonio, who won over Belleza del Niños Vencedores.

May 21, 2003
On the last Saturday, the international exhibition "Primavera de Madrid" and the special exhibition of Spanish dog breeds "Especial Razas Españolas" took place in Madrid. Judges were Miguel Gil Ferrara and Antonio García Pérez. On both exhibitions, the BOB was given to Ukelele's Jarana.

May 17, 2003
At today's CAC exhibition in Volkmarsen, the judge, Mr. Baumann, gave Ex1, CAC, VDH and BOB to Little Lobito Antonio. Antonio now meets the requirements for the title German Champion of Beauty. And in the ring of honour, he was among the last four. Congratulations to his owners!

May 12, 2003
At the racing in Münster, Brio Bandolero del Niños Vencedores was the fastest with 31,77 s. The day before, four Galgos were entered at the CAC exhibition. The BOB was given to Bruja del Niños Vencedores. Results >>>

May 4, 2003
Little Lobito Castelló got Ex1/Junior-BOB and Little Lobito Carlito got Ex2 at the CAC exhibition of the racing club Berlin-Brandenburg in Zehlendorf. The judge was Mr. Rudi Brandt from Denmark.

May 3, 2003
On this weekend, the sighthound club "Untertaunus-Hünstetten" organized an international coursing in the park "Am Reebstock" in Frankfurt. The Galgos already started on Saturday and here are the results >>>

May 3, 2003
Today, five Galgos were entered in stormy, but dry weather for the CAC exhibition in Haan-Hochdahl . The BOB was given to Little Lobito Akilios. In the competition Junior Handling, Nick and Little Lobito Benisa got the second place! Results >>>

May 2, 2003
We partially redesigned our website, to improve readability and navigation: on this startpage, we briefly summarise what's new and then we link to the corresponding pages. We also added the category Results, where we will present the Galgo results of different exhibitions, coursings and racings in table form, without detailed reports or photos. The later will be continued under the renamed category Photo Reports (former: Exhibitions). We hope that this redesign suit our visitors and wish everyone a lot of fun on Little Lobito's website!

May 1, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for May.

April 20, 2003
On April 19, the "Landessieger" CAC exhibition took place in Cologne with 8 entered Galgos. The BOB was given to Pulso de Valle Estrella. Little Lobito Abizanda now meets the requirements for the title German Champion of Beauty (VDH). 4 Galgos were at the start of the racing "Rot-Weiß Pokalrennen" on the following day. Bonito was first and also got the price for "beauty and performance". Results >>>

April 20, 2003
Also on April 19, a CAC exhibition took place in Hoope. Here, 15 Galgos were entered. The BOB was given to Little Lobito Akilios, the Puppy-BIS again went to a Galgo. On the next day, 6 Galgos participated in the "Ostercoursing". Dona Maria Ibericos Segoviano was first among the females and she also go the price for "beauty and performance". Don Manuel Ibericos Segoviano was the best male. Results >>>

April 18, 2003
At Puppies (A-Litter resp. B-Litter), you will find new photos of Ana Candis, Abizanda and Belana.

April 12, 2003
The little ones from our D-litter are now all with their new families. Find the obligatory portraits at Puppies | D-Litter.

April 3, 2003
In the current issue (No. 1/2003) of the sighthound magazine WindhundWelt, you will find the second part of our report Tour de Galgo and in addition, there is a foretaste with many photos of our text about the Copa del Rey, which will be published in the next issue (all articles in German).

April 1, 2003
Here's the new photo of the month for April.

March 30, 2003
At the CACIB exhibition in Leiden/NL on March 29, the CAC, CACIB and BOB went to Little Lobito Abizanda, who now meets the requirements for the Dutch Champion. Results >>>

March 29, 2003
Also on March am 29, there was a CAC exhibition in Ostercappeln. Little Lobito Akilios got the BOB and he now meets the requirements for the German Champion. The Puppy-BIS was given to Cocolores Anywhere. Results >>>

February 27, 2003
At the CAC exhibition in Langerwisch on February 22 and 23, Little Lobito Castelló attended his first exhibition and got the Junior-BIS on the second day!

January 30, 2003
We've got our D-Litter! Since this evening, there are seven more little Galgos on this world: 3 males and 4 females.

January 26, 2003
It was an encouraging start into the season, today at the CAC exhibition in Issum-Sevelen: Little Lobito Azuela became best female and Little Lobito Akilios got the BOB. And in the evening, he also became BEST IN SHOW. Congratulations to the owners! Results >>>

January 19, 2003
Claudia visited the 65th Spanish championship of the Galgos, the Copa del Rey, in Medina del Campo and returned home with an interesting report.