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December 31, 2006
Well, it's winter and it's cold outside, and most of the Galgos do not really like that. So, the best places in the house are occupied soon, as you can see on our photo of the month for January.

December 26, 2006
So, here are some "latecomers": Kandis and Juni, already a little bit tired because of the Christmas stress, and Alba with Ducata and Feraldo, presenting the Christmassy circus act for the entire family. Find it, as usual, at our Lobito-Post.

December 25, 2006
We say thank you for all the lovely Christmas greetings! Find a small selection at the "Christmas special" of our Lobito-Post.

December 23, 2006
We took some new photos of Grisu, who is still looking for a new family.

December 17, 2006
Here are the results from Genk, where an international exhibition took place on December 9. Congratulations to Little Lobito Faraona and her owners!

December 13, 2006
And again, we received new Lobito-Post! It's from Goliath from France.

December 9, 2006
We've got a lot of new Lobito-Post: from Gerónimo from the Czech Republic, Francisca and Aragón from Germany and Gemma from The Netherlands!

December 2, 2006
Here's our photo of the month for December.

November 30, 2006
Again, we've got new Lobito-Post; today from Gonzales from Austria!

November 28, 2006
The first puppies just left our house and we already may enjoy Lobito-Post from them! While Gemma is enthroned as a little princess surrounded by all her toys, Galdino lives as an adventurer among wild animals.

November 27, 2006
As usual, we conclude with the portrait series of our puppies.

November 20, 2006
Congratulations to Little Lobito Faraona and her owners for the double success on the last weekend: at the CAC club show of the Belgian Sighthound Club (KBWC), Mr. Sistermann/D gave Ex1/CAC/BOB to her; and on Sunday, she got Ex1/CACIB/BOB from the Norwegian judge Mr. Foss on the Eurodogshow in Kortrijk.

November 19, 2006
Today, we all made a final excursion to a riding stable close to us. There, the puppies could discover new things, there were lots of exciting smells, they run all together and at the end they found out, that adult dogs can even be smaller than they are...

November 15, 2006
Fortunately, the sun is shining again! So, there was nothing to hold the puppies in the house and they went out into the garden. And there, they played as wild as they can...

November 8, 2006
The puppies have to learn a lot of new things. Therefore, school has started! Topics on the curriculum are walking on the leash and going by car. And also mother Delfina is educating the little ones. Nevertheless, there is still enough time to play and romp...

November 4, 2006
The winter is coming closer and the temperatures drop down more and more. To warm up, you've got to play and run, to take a sun bath or to cuddle with your brothers and sisters...

November 1, 2006
Here's our photo of the month for November (no panic, the head is still there).

October 28, 2006
The Indian Summer pampers the puppies with summer-like temperatures. This is the right time to go on expeditions and to explore all the oddities of autumn...

October 22, 2006
They've got their little sharp teeth now and these teeth want to be used. So, the puppies start biting in everything - really everything. And that can be hurting...

October 16, 2006
Now, the puppies start to find out that there is a world outside their box. And since the weather is still so warm and beautiful, they could all together enjoy the sun and explore the terrace...

October 13, 2006
Well, is the young mother doing all the things correctly? To proof that, we've got Aunt Alex, who quickly does a little "quality control". And it really looks like everything is ok...

October 9, 2006
Because of the nice autumn weather, the puppies made a first trip into the sun. As always, accompanied by the camera...

October 5, 2006
With the start of week three, the eyes and ears of the puppies are open and walking gets better and better. So, the time of snugness is over now, and we'll get some "action" into the box. Here are new photos...

October 3, 2006
We've got news from Little Lobito Estrella. She is now Slovak and Czech Junior Champion and also got the racing licence. So its time for her own webpage...

October 1, 2006
Here's our photo of the month for October.

September 30, 2006
What can puppies do best? Right, sleeping! And that's what they are doing all day long with high energy. Here are the latest photos...

September 28, 2006
We've got another new Lobito-Post. From Little Lobito Francisca.

September 25, 2006
Autumn collection at Little Lobito: from classical red brindled to elegant cream-coloured, we've got it all ;-). Here are new photos...

September 23, 2006
We added eight new pictures to the photo series of week one.

September 22, 2006
Little Lobito Flaco sends us a new Lobito-Post from sunny Italy.

September 19, 2006
There are new photos of our G-Litter.

September 18, 2006
We've got our G-Litter! 8 boys and one girl were born today. All - including the mother - are fine. Here is a first photo...

September 15, 2006
On the Special Galgo Show, Nicole Schmitjes gave a "plush lentil" to Lukas which soon became his new favourite toy. But the others also like it very much, as you can see in our latest photo series...

September 13, 2006
Lenthe (Little Lobito Faralaes) may call herself now "Dutch Junior-Champion". This (new) title is given to those dogs in Holland which three times got best junior with an excellent. Congratulations to her and her owners Diny & Alex!

September 12, 2006
Mickey (Don Miguel) sent a Lobito-Post to his sister Delfina.

September 3, 2006
This year, the German Special Galgo Exhibition took place - together with that of the Mediterranean breeds - in a park of Bad Homburg. Here is our photo report.

September 1, 2006
Here's our new photo of the month for September.

August 29, 2006
On an exhibition in Belgium, the judge August Dewilde gave the junior-BIS to Little Lobito Faraona. Congratulations! Here are new photos of her.

August 27, 2006
Congratulations to Jucaro Spi Apolo, the father of our next litter which we are expecting for September, for his success in Trondheim/N. He now meets all the requirements for the titles "Norwegian" and "Swedish Champion". He also got place five in the BIS ring!

August 23, 2006
Please note: this Friday (25.08.) is the deadline for the inscription for the German Galgo Exhibition. Everyone who wants to participate with his Galgo should keep this date in mind!

August 20, 2006
Here are the results of coursing and exhibition in Potsdam.

August 11, 2006
The new Galgo Calendar (DIN A3, 13 coloured pages) is currently in preparation. This year, the price will be 12 Euro. If you send us an email in time (before August 25), we bring along your calendar to the German Galgo Exhibition in Bad Homburg.

August 9, 2006
On September 12, 2006, the well-known tour-catering-enterprise 'Rote Gourmet Fraktion' organizes a benefit-event 'Kochen gegen Aids' (cooking against aids). It will take place in Berlin on the "Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide". What has this to do with Galgos? Well, Juni and Kandis (photo) surely will support their master Ole from the RGF while he is swinging the wooden spoon! So, all who like to eat well, want to do something good, and are in Berlin in September, should quickly reserve one of the 150 tickets (price is 250 Euro). Bon Appétit!

August 1, 2006
Here's our new photo of the month for August.

July 30, 2006
The highlight of the year, the Special German Galgo Exhibition, is coming closer. All important information is therefore summarized here in a letter of the member of the breeding committee (German).

July 28, 2006
Josette Lalemend just sent us the results of the SLAG.

July 26, 2006
Our Lukas celebrates his birthday! He is now 11 years old, but you wouldn't recognize it! He still loves to run, play and frolic more than the others (especially together with Lara). And afterwards, he enjoys a refreshing bath (doesn't matter if it's an ocean, a river or our garden pond). We wish all the best for him and hope that he will stay that fit for a long time! Congratulations also to his brothers and sisters of that litter!

July 23, 2006
Here is the promised third part of the travel report about our latest journey to Spain, the photo report about the Concurso 2006.

July 19, 2006
Today, the Spanish male Jucaro Spi Apolo (Bru) covered our female Little Lobito Delfina. If nothing goes wrong, we expect puppies by mid of September.

July 16, 2006
Yesterday in Münster, Mr. Langer judged the Galgos. Only two had been entered. Our little Lara (Rayma LaClaudia) got Ex1 and the Junior-BOB, Romanow's Xamara got Ex1, CAC, VDH and BOB.

July 9, 2006
Yesterday, this year's German "Verbandssieger" exhibition of the DWZRV took place in a sunny Cologne. Congratulations to Little Lobito El Draco for the BOB! Here are the results.

July 6, 2006
This year, the 26th Monográfica del Galgo Español took place in Rosalejo, a small village in the Extremadura. Here is our photo report.

July 4, 2006
We've got the Galgo results from Hamburg ("Landessieger" exhibition) as well as from Wismar (CAC exhibition and coursing). Congratulations to all participants, especially to Lara's brother Rayma Loleilo for the Junior-BIS and also to Little Lobito Castelló for winning the BOB twice.

July 1, 2006
Here's our new photo of the month for July.

June 29, 2006
We went to Spain to participate in the 26th Monográfica del Galgo Español which took place in the Extremadura. Before we are going to report about this exhibition, we'd like to present some impressions of the other parts of our journey. Find them in our photo report.

June 7, 2006
Francisca is also sending best wishes. Find them - as usual - in our Lobito-Post.

June 4, 2006
Yesterday in Gelsenkirchen, the Junior-BOB was given to Little Lobito Fuego. Congratulations! Here are the other results.

June 3, 2006
El Draco, Castelló and Dama de Juny represented the Little Lobitos on today's CAC exhibition in Hoisdorf. The later now meets the requirements for the title "German Champion of Beauty (DWZRV)". Congratulations to her owners! Here are the complete results.

June 1, 2006
Yes, even if we can barely remember it, we already had some nice days during this "spring". As you will see it on our photo of the month for June.

May 31, 2006
In our Lobito-Post, you will find a "happy birthday" from Felipe and Berto. In addition, there is an email from Faralaes, to whom we send congratulations for the junior winner title which she got last Saturday on the FCI-Eurosighthound 2006 exhibition in Lelystad/NL!

May 28, 2006
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Swiss Greyhound, Magyar Agár and Galgo Español Club celebrated this year's club show in the special ambience of the Feldschlösschen Brewery in Rheinfelden/CH. The club invited the Spanish special judge for Galgos, Mr. Jesus García de Lera. Here is our photo report.

May 22, 2006
We've got a new Lobito-Post from Ébano.

May 7, 2006
Here, we have got the results of the CAC exhibition which took place yesterday in Münster/Germany.

May 6, 2006
There are three new entries in our Lobito-Post: from Faya, Francisca and Fuego.

May 5, 2006
Here are the results of the Galgos on the VDH-Europasieger Exhibition 2006 which is taking place this weekend in Dortmund.

May 3, 2006
Congratulations to Gemma for her new litter (4/6) from Rayma Decim x Rayma Illa in the Spanish kennel Randeros!

May 1, 2006
With such a rainy weather of the recent days, one can be happy to have someone to snuggle against. Anyway, Delfina and Alex are most probably thinking like this on our photo of the month for May.

April 23, 2006
Today, Little Lobito Fuego (O: Müller) gave his show-debut in Volkmarsen. He was judged by Mr. Brixhe/B with Ex1 and Junior-BOB. In the puppy class, the female Knallåsen's Zarzamora (B: Wieslander, O: Köhler) got a "very promising".

April 22, 2006
Today, Little Lobito El Draco (O: Püttmann) was judged by Mr. Langer in Lingen with Ex1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. Congratulations!

April 21, 2006
On last Easter Monday, "Lenthe" Little Lobito Faralaes (O: Zijlstra) got her first Junior-CAC and the RCAC on the exhibition in Leeuwarden/NL. The judge was Mrs. J. O'Conner from Ireland. The BOB and CAC/CACIB went to the female Chispa Priesa del Niños Vencedores (B: Hübchen, O: Reuser/Atsma). Congratulations!

April 17, 2006
We say 'thank you' for all the lovely Easter greetings which we received during the last days. Some of them are presented in our new Lobito-Post.

April 15, 2006
Today, a CAC exhibition took place in Hoope. Three "Lobitos" participated. Here, you will find the results.

April 9, 2006
Today, we would like to introduce our new Spanish family member: Lara, not without good reason very often called Lara Croft (her real name is Rayma LaClaudia). For several months already, she brings a lot of action into our pack. While the girls still watch her wild activities with a certain distance, Lukas became her preferred racing partner. They both run and play together in the garden, regardless the weather. Even the lots of snow this winter didn't bother our Spaniard at all. A photo of her can be found at ABOUT US.

April 5, 2006
The anniversary club show of the Swiss Greyhound-, Magyar Agar and Galgo Club is going to take place on May 27, 2006 in Rheinfelden close to Basel. The Spanish judge Jesus García de Lera has been especially invited.

April 2, 2006
April weather at yesterday's CAC exhibition in Ostercappeln: right at the beginning of the judgement of the Galgos, a thunderstorm with heavy rainfall started! But neither the judge, Mr. Baumann, nor the three participating Galgos and their owners could be stopped by this. BOB, Ex1, CAC, and VDH went to Shadow (B: - , O: Görtz), Little Lobito Delfina (B + O: Gaede/Ebbrecht) got Ex1, CAC, and VDH. They both are now meeting the requirements for the title "German Champion of Beauty", which was celebrated together afterwards in the cafeteria with coffee and cake. Little Lobito Ebro (O: Müller) got Ex2, RCAC, and RVDH.

April 1, 2006
The photo of the month for April shows, that Galgos are sometimes able to perform exceptional gymnastic exercises.

March 18, 2006
We've got new Lobito-Post, again!

March 1, 2006
Here's the new photo of the month for March.

February 18, 2006
Raoul and Cédric from Luxembourg show a lot of pictures of their Galgos "Snoopy" (Little Lobito Berto) and "Flipo" (Little Lobito Felipe) on their websites and You will find them under "Meng Muppen" (my dogs). Have fun watching it!

February 14, 2006
We've got new Lobito-Post. Just a small remark from us: although it often takes some time before we publish the post, we are always very happy to receive so many letters and emails! And it even may be more - with pleasure not only from the youngsters but also from the "old stagers".

February 13, 2006
During this year's Special Galgo Exhibition on September 2 in Bad Homburg, the next Galgo Meeting is going to take place. We hope that there will be a lot of participants, because on such a meeting, a lot of information around the breed is distributed and important decisions are taken. Find here a letter (German) from the member of the DWZRV breeding committee, Mrs. Ursula Jaenicke.

February 12, 2006
Congratulations to Josette Lalemend from France for her first Galgo litter! Get further info at

February 4, 2006
We made use of the horrible weather and finished the promised travelogue about our journey to Spain. Have a lot of fun reading it!

February 1, 2006
Here's the new photo of the month for February.

January 18, 2006
During our vacation, we've got new Lobito-Post!

January 13, 2006
After again having visited some breeders in Spain, having taken a look at the final of this year's Copa del Rey and - of course - after having enjoyed the southern sun, we are now writing a little travelogue, which we are going to present here very soon. Hasta luego!

January 1, 2006
We heartily wish all visitors to our website a happy New Year 2006 - and start right away into it with our newest photo of the month!

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